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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I believe that on many airlines you get value for money with food -- it costs nothing and tastes good. On Asian carriers the food is demonstrably better, Cathay, JAL, Singapore, Thai and Vietnam Airlines all demonstrate that passengers, even in economy, are their guests and entitled to a little something to remember their flights for. British Airways has the Devon Cream Tea -- on afternoon flights from the UK -- otherwise it belongs to the rubber chicken class. Air France does well in the wine selection. Jon Hewson, Buon Me Thuot, VietNam

My experience lately is that travelling by air has lost its chance and appeal. Scandinavian airline staff are the rudest I have ever come across while travelling. They are just too insensitive at the check in counters, and any attempt to register complain to the gate manager could incur you a verbal threat to be removed from the flight. Daniel, Munich, Germany

Infrequent travelers are not prepared for all the steps required to board a flight. They may have overweight bags, do not have boarding passes or ID ready to present to security personnel before being asked for it. They do the same thing prior to boarding. They appear to have difficulty understanding the alphanumeric seating assignment seating. One just has to have more patience and tolerance than usual when traveling through the summer. Howard, British Columbia, Canada

I have had instances over the years, where something just did not feel right in my gut and I have changed or switched routing of flights at the last minute. There never was problems with any of those flights but who knows what may have happened if I was on them. Dave Rubin, Lake Zurich, Illinois

I recently flew on Air Canada for the first time to Toronto and on-ward to Amsterdam. The fare was reasonable and the service was excellent. The seat was comfortable and toilets very clean. I also appreciated the unique Canadian hospitality served with a French flair. Manuel Verge, Denver, Colorado

I travel often on business for the Federal Aviation Adminstration. Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had joint replacement surgery I always get flagged and nearly strip-searched every time I travel. I than go and perform software upgrades and trouble shoot problems at air traffic control facilities working on sensitive software and I am not trusted to get on a plane. All they ever tell you is that we have to check everyone -- whatever happened to the trusted flyer? The U.S. Government cannot get its act together to come up with a workable plan. So I get searched each and every time but I am trusted to walk in the door of air traffic facilities across the country and do my job and than head home to be searched all over again. Bill Capo, Galloway, New Jersey

I'm tired of scrunching myself into airplane seats that are meant for people much shorter than me. When will the airline industry understand that tall people need more legroom? Hopefully sometime before lots of tall people get blood clots from lack of circulation and sue. John McDougal, Huntsville, Alabama

Most travelers are in fact not at risk, even in fairly crazy countries. It is when the expatriats leave -- see Saudi Arabia -- that you should be scared. John Penta, Ocean, New Jersey

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