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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I would like the U.S. government to tell me why they spend hundred of millions of dollars for screening units that do not work. It is just a waste of the taxpayers dollars. Justin Lee, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

So called U.S. "safety measures" look downright stupid to me, such as the prohibition of nail cutters. How on earth can you hurt someone, much less bring down a plane, with a nail cutter? I am more upset by the lack of consistency in safety procedures. Recently, while boarding a domestic flight in Korea, security confiscated a couple of spare AAA batteries for my GPS I had carried in the long-haul flight from Hong Kong unchallenged. Leonel Rodrigues, Macau, China

I definitely believe that fewer airlines will result in higher airfares for all consumers. The government should do everything in its power to prevent this from happening. Steven Jansen, Miami, Florida

After seeing your program on Estonia -- which I loved -- I would propose taking the host of your show around Baku, the capital city of oil-rich Azerbaijan. You will not regret it. It is a vibrant business environment, along with natural beauty, historical wealth, modernity, mixed with moderate Islamic values, all make it a place of interest. Jana Suleyman, Baku, Azerbaijan

I believe fewer airlines will mean higher prices. Airlines will charge more because consumers will have fewer options to purchase tickets. John Joseph, Toronto, Canada

I really miss the old Swiss Air. They did really well when they were partners with Delta. They should have never of changed partners. Franco V, Venice, Florida

Swiss Air despite all the discussions about its financial situation is a top carrier. In the current situation, an alignment with Lufthansa might be significantly better than an alliance with an airline that does not want any new allies, such British Airways. Michael Mattner, Vienna, Austria

I have no issues with security when I travel, only immediately after the Sept 9-11 attacks. Other than that I have flown to the U.S. twice, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. America was the only place that really inspected my bags, and that was at customs entering the country. Tom Shonan, Tokyo, Japan

I think Swiss should join the oneworld alliance. If they join the Star Alliance, nearly all major Central European carriers would be in the same alliance i.e. Lufthansa, Lot, and Austrian -- that would be a highly protective move. In that case, Brussels should take a closer look. Markus Kohout, Hochspeyer, Germany

Sure, the U.S. should extend the deadline for readable passports, I know introducing such technology takes years to develop, and the U.S. demand for the end of this year, is ridiculous. I think in two years, this technology will be ready, but it will not be foolproof, as this technology is relatively new, and there will be plenty of false rejects. They should use the next two years to test out the technology, to make sure the innocent traveler is not stuck with a false reader. Thomas Ng, Hong Kong, China

In respect to the story: "Cash in on a home away from home" do you realize it would take upward of about 50 years to recoup the money spent on one of these hotel rooms and that is just to break even. I would find it more economical to invest the $431,000 and just keep paying the nightly fee for the hotel rooms. Bill Roberts, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

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