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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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When traveling to Europe from New Zealand I now go via Asia so as to avoid the unreasonable hassle associated with entering the U.S. The need to stand in extremely long queues (lines) to enter and then immediately depart the U.S., whilst in transit, is unreasonable in the middle of a 24-hour long-haul flight. I now travel via Asia even though it takes three hours longer. Gavin Davies, Hamilton, New Zealand

Doing in business in Vietnam is challenging but promising if you plan to invest in the long-term. Although a small market, it has huge potential in such areas as infrastructure development, tourism, IT, clothing and furniture manufacturing, to name a few. Thuy, Saigon, Vietnam

Which data should be given to U.S. authorities? Name, number of passport, nationality, place of birth: The number of my credit card and similar: no, I disagree. Andrew Barbieri, Milan, Italy

I have been a flight attendant for 28 years and the level of cacophony aboard airplanes has increased -- the video games, DVD players, headphones. Now there is the vision of a cabin full of loud and obnoxious talkers on mobiles, it is a nightmare to put it mildly. How about an airsick bag for the brain? Mike Lynch, Salt Lake City, Utah

St. Petersburg airport in Russia was an awful experience. The arrival area looks dingy and old. The main entrance is the only place that is actually renovated, but it is too small. The airport staff are unfriendly, taxi drivers do not want to take you anywhere for less than 60 Euros (rubles are not accepted), customs and immigration officials only speak Russian. Kristina Kulbe, Mannheim, Germany

I don't worry about security usually. The U.S. was the only place that really inspected my bags, and that was at customs entering the country. Tom Shonan, Tokyo Japan

I tried to obtain accommodation for the Olympics in Greece, as early as last July for August 2004. All accommodation was booked by an Olympic organization. You had to go through them to get a room, but they never responded to my requests. After getting a response from a couple of privately owned places, at astronomical prices, I gave up trying to find something affordable we are not going now. Janet Krowchuk, Niagara Falls, Canada

Pre-enlargement Greece is the beacon of corruption in the EU and probably beyond. Business there is possible but only if people are prepared to put up with hideous red tape and massive and widely politically accepted and fostered 'facilitation' efforts. This extends from the administration to the judiciary. Marc Polagh, London, United Kingdom

I think, Swiss should join oneworld alliance. If they join the Star alliance, nearly all major Central European carriers would be in the same alliance, this would be a highly protective move. In that case, Brussels should take a closer look. Markus M. Kohout, Hochspeyer, Germany

I have been to Slovenia and Croatia twice now and tourists have not discovered the wonderful Adriatic seaside, the friendly people and the wonderful scenery of this part of Europe. The whole area is so rich in history and the countryside changes with an hours drive. Just delightful and I hope to visit there again sometime soon. Scott Newton, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Hub-to-hub travel is antiquated and a pain. Living in Florida, it makes no sense for me to travel north to Chicago, New York, Detroit, or other major hubs simply to travel west. I recently took a flight to Los Angeles and had to be routed through Chicago the cost and extra 2 hours of travel time that was absolutely not necessary. I am hoping the low cost carriers such as Southwest and ATA continue their dominance. What makes more sense to you Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles or Orlando direct to Los Angeles. Matthew McClintock, Orlando, Florida

I have been to Hong Kong three times in past years for International Sevens a side Rugby Tournament. Never cease to be amazed with the excitement, amenities, accommodation, meals and shopping opportunities. Do not imagine anything has changed since the take over by China. Stayed over in Beijing for four days, couple of years ago and amenities were equally as good. As a matter of fact, while there purchased a painting, which was adorning our room from the hotel. T. W. O'Connor, Sidney, Canada

I am six foot and four inches and I believe the airlines should be required to accommodate myself and other taller people under the Americans with Disabilities Act. By placing their seats as close as they have, then have turned my height into a disability and I should be covered by the ADA. I fly regularly and am disgusted when a short person, who doesn't even need the extra room, feels the need to recline and smash their seat into my knees. I frequently have to sit there for three hours, unable to move an inch. And I am not even that tall! Keith Smith, Orlando, Florida

Airlines should not be penalized for delays due to weather condition and for security reasons for that delay is for the benefit of the passenger. Roque Santos, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I believe the airlines should reimburse passengers only when the airlines are at fault. It is ridiculous for a government to penalize an airline for operating safely i.e. delaying flights because of weather conditions or for adhering to government requirements i.e. safety and security checks. I travel across the Atlantic several times a year and have been inconvenienced by weather and security. I would not want to fly on an airline that could potentially be pressured into operating less safely because of the risk of reimbursing passengers. Connie Overstreet-Inman, Nottingham, England

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