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Travel talk: have your say


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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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The current generation of high-speed trains is rolling out rapidly across the globe, mostly on new and dedicated routes. For trains to largely replace aircraft on other than very specific routes such as London-Paris they will have to be faster still, possibly Maglevs, regardless of the actual track and technology. Martin Roberts, London, UK

I must say that Richard Quest's trip in economy class around the world is a tribute to all of us who travel the world for work, and have to see all those tourists run off to the beach to enjoy the sea and sand, while the rest us have to be stuck in a meeting room with no view. I have to agree with Quest accepting the upgrade form SIN to SYD -- a no brainer. Tony Torres, Guadalajara, Mexico

The attitude of the flight attendants and airline employees is what is pushing travelers to the limits. On top of the lack of services provided to passengers, we have to deal with the stress of the security process, the overall fear of flying. I could tell you not one but ten incidents that I have witnessed. At the end of the day money is all that matters to the airlines now, forget about costumer satisfaction, personalized attention and all the other things they used to advertise, now it is get on, sit down, shut up, get down and good bye....I wonder, are there any passenger rights? Sara Bassan, Panama

Good thing Richard Quest is not claustrophobic! All that time inside an airplane would make other people really grumpy. That is why I like Singapore Airlines because even when you are on economy, you get inflight entertainment and good food. Chrissy, Makati, the Philippines

A biometric ID program would not have caught the 9/11 terrorists had it been in-place prior to 2001 as their profiles would not have been in the database. You have to link the biometric data you come up with during the scan with something that triggers and alerts or matches a profile to an alarm. So, suicidal terrorists who are first time users of the system will pass through unless, of course, the system has access to the retinal pattern of every potential terrorist -- another waste of time, money and resources. Kent, Canada

We accept without debate the need for a photo on passports. Why then should biometric scanning be so controversial? I fail to see why anyone who is not attempting to break the law could object to something that is a superior form of identification to that awful passport picture. Arthur MacNeil, Halifax, Canada

Right now, the only place I feel safe visiting in this world is China. A stable government, great currency exchange and nice people make it a pleasant stay. Mary Bouz, U.S.

The EU and congress can fight all day, but the truth is international service from smaller airports is just around the corner. Jack Arwood, Georgia

In the last two years I have traveled to India. Each year I suffered a viral infection on arrival home immobilizing me for a week. Most likely the problem comes from the aircraft. Alan Ouimet, Madison, Connecticut

Never wear a full business suit in Coach Class. This reduces the space even further, and the jacket gets wrinkled in 20 minutes if not sooner. Leo Mara, Chicago, Illinois

Maglev technology will replace trains and eventually most domestic air travel within 50 years. Greg Cavanagh, Jackson, New Jersey

Trains are one of the most efficient forms of travel. Countries like Japan, France, and Germany, have already shown that high-speed rail systems are an excellent, even a preferred choice over airlines. Building such rail systems, however, does take a high financial and aesthetic toll, as the rail line has to be built as straight and flat as possible to achieve maximum average speeds. Sean Sevilla, Lafayette, Indiana

Flights are fuller than ever, making travel even more uncomfortable, as airlines services and personnel seem more stretched than ever. I am not confident low fares will help some airlines out of the financial mess they are in. I guess that despite the decreases in comfort and service, it's win-win for consumers who are not business travelers. Sal. G, Ohio

Government advisories may not always be right. However, they have way more intelligent resources at their disposal than any individual. I feel that it is worth my while to at least do more research on my own if they have a warning regarding travel to a particular location. Laura Tingley, Tampa, Florida

U.S. security is still rather complacent in all airports. As I travel from airport to airport, I see security breaches all the time. Even as a private pilot, nobody has ever verified my credentials, my flight log, or my ID. We really need to take lessons from El-Al Israeli Airlines. Daniel Neeley, Cincinnati, Ohio

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