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Game: Try your hand at nabbing Hussein's sons

Players promised new missions every month

"Kuma: War" uses real-world events as the basis for missions.

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CNN's Daniel Sieberg takes a look at a computer game that simulates missions in Iraq. (February 4)
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Daniel Sieberg
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(CNN) -- The latest virtual warfare game hopes to give players a taste of what it's like to be nabbing bad guys with U.S. military forces around the world.

The creators of "Kuma: War" are targeting news buffs as well as hard-core gamers by letting players complete missions based on real-life events. The company also is posting new downloadable missions every month on the game's Web site.

One of the missions available is based on the military operation last July that cornered Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's sons, Uday and Qusay, in a villa in Mosul, Iraq. The Hussein brothers died there after an intense gunfight.

CNN's Daniel Sieberg spoke to gamer Scott Thomas about "Kuma: War."

SIEBERG: Scott, you're in the game right now. You're actually approaching the house where Uday and Qusay are. Does it have that sort of realistic feel to you, as you're moving?

THOMAS: Yes, you can see from all the details that it's very urban warfare. And, yes, we are outside their last hold. I guess you'd say, they're holed up in their house.

SIEBERG: You don't necessarily have to follow along with whatever happened historically. The game designers say they've actually used a lot of publicly available information to create these different missions -- satellite photos and intelligence available to anyone. Scott, do you have to go through any sort of training in the game in order to approach this mission?

THOMAS: Oh, no. I think that the curve is fairly high. You have to use a lot of strategy in order to complete the missions. But many of the things are very good recreations of military situations.

SIEBERG: The game will be only available online. You pay $10 per month, and then every month the game designers say they're going to update it with new missions you can play based on recent events. The game maker might include some historical missions as well.

We should say that this is not meant for kids. There is some violence in the game. It's not going to get a video game rating because it's only available online, not in retail scores.

"Kuma: War" will be available February 27.

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