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Scanner creates perfect-fit jeans

Shopping for perfect-fitting jeans is easy with computer technology
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Technology (general)

LONDON, England (CNN) -- They might be one of the most timeless items of fashion, but finding a pair of jeans that best suits an individual's body shape can be a shopping nightmare.

Now, thanks to Bodymetrics, a state-of-the-art body mapping system that, in theory, allows designers to create perfect fitting clothes, things could be about to change.

Suran Goonatilake, who created the technology, said the machine calculated the perfect measurements by scanning the body, and working out how the light is reflected on the body.

"Essentially what happens is that a customer gets into a scanning machine, which shines light on them," he told CNN.

"From that, the machine builds up huge amounts of data points that it uses to calculate the exact measurement of a person, the waist the hips, the inside leg and so forth."

The results of the first UK National Sizing Survey -- the first comprehensive audit of Britons' shape and size, published in September -- showed that average measurements around women's midriffs had increased by 16.5cm in just over 50 years.

Retailers have failed to reflect the change in their clothes sizes, and a discrepancy of size between retailers make the task of finding perfect-fitting clothes difficult.

British designer Tristan Webber has come up with a new denim range, Digital Couture, in conjunction with Bodymetrics.

They are so tailor-made to the wearer's body shape that they even feature their name and scan date on the size label.

"I use a lot of computer imagery and software in designing the parts of the garments, but specifically, more recently, I have started to look at new ways of mapping the body and translating digital measurements into clothing patterns and garment fits," Webber told CNN.

British supermodel Jodie Kidd said she was a fan of the system.

"Technology is where it's at and it's so easy. You just go in this biometrics box and have this complete body scan which gives you every single measurement. It's going to revolutionize everything."

UK-based Internet lingerie company Figleaves has developed its own smart measuring system -- for bras.

Dubbed the "Dyson of bra fitting," the "T-Bra" is a new under bust measuring device which, combined with specially engineered cups, will allow women to create a prescription for their own bra at home.

They will then enter the measurements on the Web site and a range of bras that will best fit the user will appear on screen.

Between 70 and 90 percent of women are believed to wear the incorrect sized bra.

Its inventor Daniel Nabarro has said the system will be on the market in the UK within the next year.

CNN's Paula Hancocks contributed to this report.

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