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How technology changes our lives

What has been the most significant invention or discovery of the past 50 years?  VOTE NOW
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Explorers is a CNN special report, looking at science, technology and innovation, past, present and future.

Deconstructing the idea

Atomic clock
Virtual Keyboard
MRI scanning
Freeplay's EyeMax wind-up radio
The Dyson 2 Drums
Airbus A380

Designs for life

Tom Hanks -- Actor
Jim Courier -- Tennis Player
Scott Adams -- Cartoonist
Alex Zanardi -- Racing driver
Danny Williams -- Boxer
Paul Oakenfold -- DJ
Richard Branson -- Entrepreneur
Kelly Holmes -- Olympic champion
Colin Pillinger -- Beagle 2 scientist
James Dyson -- Inventor
Susan Greenfield -- Scientist
Renzo Rosso -- Diesel designer
Steven Pinker -- Psychologist
Trevor Baylis -- Inventor

Next generation

Sensor keeps cooking on the boil
Green breakthrough for nanoscience
Eyewear to help you cross roads
Log on to be a satellite spy
Laser treatment zaps bad breath
New effort to crack nutty problem
Jetpod vision a lift for commuters
Pacman breaks out of the arcade
New browser to challenge Microsoft
Pervasive computing: the rise of the machines
Brain in a dish flies flight sim
The bag that watches your wallet
New breast implant set for trials
Genetically modified cats for sale
Brain chip offers hope for paralyzed
Medication reminder for elderly
Super computer for drugs industry
Atomic clock gets mini makeover
Smart shirt that can call for help
New ideas brewing in beer industry
The car that can read road signs
SpaceShipOne captures X Prize
U.S. team bids to win space prize
Smart helmet for motorcyclists
The device that rocks the cradle
Device to save hospitals billions
Slimline inhaler for asthmatics

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