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Father's Day a dream for high-tech stores

By Erica Hill
CNN Headline News

(CNN) -- Gadget sellers seem to love Father's Day. The Sunday flyers screamed the upcoming holiday this weekend, reminding us all the best way to show Dad you care is with a new digital camera, MP3 player, or if you're really loaded, why not go for the ol' plasma TV? Heck, they're on sale!

My dad knows how much I love him and, luckily, I don't have to tell him in dollars. He gives me a gift every day just by being there to listen. But coming up with a gift for him isn't quite so easy.

Before every holiday or birthday, without fail it seems, my father, Steve, decides it is time to upgrade the computer, get a new camera, pick up another DVD player, or get that book he mentioned. We begin telling him at least a month before not to buy anything. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

This year, my sister and I may have won, however, because I doubt he would have thought of this one, and he certainly never mentioned it to us or to my mom. Without giving too much away (being the great dad that he is, my dad reads these columns), I can tell you it's something the kids are crazy about, and a topic we often talk about in HotWired, but it's not a video game. Good luck! (Insert "Jeopardy" music here.)

While I know my dad wouldn't turn down the plasma TV (sorry, Dad, not in the budget this year!), I also know it's not the gifts he cares about. The perfect Father's Day -- or Mother's Day -- for my family is one we can spend together. Unfortunately, we're scattered around the country, but thanks to some rather old technology, it seems like we're next door: Long live the telephone!

On this Father's Day, if you can't afford a spiffy new gadget, don't worry. Chances are a phone call is in your budget, along with a card. You could even make the card, just like when you were a kid.

While my dad will be getting a gift from his daughters, you can also bet he'll be getting a phone call, as he does several times a week, to tell him how lucky we are to have such a wonderful dad.

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