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George Carlin enters rehab
George Carlin
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(CNN) -- Entertainer George Carlin said Monday he is going into rehab because he has an alcohol and drug problem.

In a statement, Carlin, 67, said, "I'm going into rehab because I use too much wine and Vicodin. No one told me I needed this; I recognized the problem and took the step myself.

"My levels of use are nowhere near the worst you hear about these days; I could easily have continued functioning at a good level ... for awhile. But my use would have progressed, I would have been in deeper trouble, and I didn't want to tolerate that. I've never been in rehab before and I know it isn't easy, but I'm highly motivated, and will do what ever's needed.

"When I get out, I will take a little time for myself before resuming my schedule," the comedian added.

Carlin's current book, "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?", is currently on best-seller lists.

Vicodin is a pain killer that is potentially habit forming.

Carlin's statement did not say where he intends to go into rehab or when. According to Reuters, Carlin's spokesman, Jeff Abraham, said the comedian went into treatment Monday.

Three weeks ago, he ended a four-year run at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a "dark set," in the words of the New York Post's "Page Six" column, and told his audience, "People who go to Las Vegas, you've got to question their [bleeping] intellect," according to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He is scheduled to appear in a show at Las Vegas' Stardust Hotel in February.

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