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Osbournes: Kelly in drug rehab

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne tell CNN their daughter has entered drug rehab.

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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife and manager, Sharon Osbourne, told CNN on Friday that their 19-year-old daughter, Kelly, has entered drug rehab. The following is a partial transcript of the interview.

LARRY KING: We have a rather sad note to begin with. What happened today, Sharon?

SHARON OSBOURNE: ... This morning, we woke up and an English tabloid had phoned through to our publicist to say that they had a picture of Kelly. And they said that they were going to say that it looked like Kelly was doing a drug deal, so they wanted our comment on it. So they sent the picture around to us, and that's what it looked like, Kelly was doing a drug deal.

KING: Kelly's how old?

S. OSBOURNE: Nineteen.

KING: They faxed this to you?

S. OSBOURNE: Yes. And so Ozzy and I got to her, asked her.

KING: She was home, Ozzy?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Yes, well, it's been well known that I'm an abuser of drugs and alcohol for the best part of my life. And I asked Kelly on several occasions, 'Are you taking drugs?' And she said, 'I promise you, Daddy, no, nothing like that is happening.'

KING: So what happened today?

SHARON OSBOURNE: Oh, so she admitted it after a lot of twisting. She admitted it.

KING: That she was a drug user.


KING: Of what drugs?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Pain pills, which I was amazed you can buy online now.

KING: Like, what pain pills?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Vicodin, Norco ...

SHARON OSBOURNE: But to be truthful, and for her, I mean, we still don't know. I mean, literally, Larry, a couple of hours ago, she was admitted into rehab.

KING: A couple of hours ago tonight.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Tonight. Today. I mean

KING: Did you go with her?


OZZY OSBOURNE: I've been there before. ... [It's] a place called Promises down at Malibu.

KING: And is she a willing contributor to this, or is she being forcefully taken?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Well, being a drug addict and an alcoholic myself, telling the truth comes very -- it doesn't come very easy, so you tend to B.S. a lot. And so we were -- I can't believe that we were buying into it because she could tell instant stories, you know, and you'd go, am I getting too heavy with her?

KING: They're good liars, right?


SHARON OSBOURNE: But to be -- you know, just to set this straight for Kelly, this all happened so quickly, within hours today.

KING: But did she go willingly?

SHARON OSBOURNE: But it was so much of a shock that she was just, like, 'alright, I'll go.'

KING: I got you.

SHARON OSBOURNE: So we didn't even have time, you know, for a good discussion.

KING: But someone had to call to make the arrangements for her to go, right?


KING: The reality show resumes Tuesday. That's still on schedule to resume?


KING: It was just all so quick, right?

OZZY OSBOURNE: We just had to take evasive action very quickly, because the amount of pills that was found in her bag was astounding.

KING: Oh, really?

OZZY OSBOURNE: There was a bag full of them.

KING: How long will she stay there for, Sharon?

SHARON OSBOURNE: I don't know, because they must still be assessing her as we speak. I don't know.

KING: Is your son there with her?


KING: Didn't he have a problem?


KING: Was he in rehab?


KING: Was he at that place?

SHARON OSBOURNE: No. ... I can't say that I'm angry -- well, I am angry. I am angry, I am let down, I feel I've failed, again, he's failed again. It's just happened again, and I just can't take it, can't take it.

KING: You think somewhere you went wrong, Oz?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Well, you know, I believe it's a family illness. Because I am a drug addict.

KING: You think it's genetic?

OZZY OSBOURNE: I think it's in the genes, you know. And but it's -- when you asked Sharon said during the break, when you see the footage of the kids, you know, home videos, of your kids you don't think they are going to -- I thought that's sort of enough for me to never get anywhere near it. But in this day and age, the availability of getting drugs is incredible. You can get it online.

KING: And these are all prescription drugs?


KING: What was the picture they were going to run?

SHARON OSBOURNE: Of this guy -- Kelly had pulled up in her dad's car, and she was giving him money, and he was taking the money.

KING: For an illegal drug or a legal ...

SHARON OSBOURNE: I have no idea.

KING: That looks illegally obtained, the drugs.

SHARON OSBOURNE: I have no idea. And it's not like when we first received the picture this morning, it wasn't like -- you know, I was just like, is it true? Is this what it is? You know?

OZZY OSBOURNE: And literally, I walked out of the room and I came back in the room and there was this big debate going on, and she was still denying it, you know.

KING: To you. Was your son there, too?

OZZY OSBOURNE: No, he was down at Malibu.

KING: So he came up to get her.


KING: So she's denied it completely. What did she say the picture was?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Holiday snapshots.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Whatever. I mean, that's just -- that's irrelevant. The thing is, it's like, you know, here we are again, you know.

KING: Ozzy is in good health again, are you?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Yeah, yeah, I'm recovered.

KING: Your recovery complete?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Oh, not complete, but I'm better than I was four months ago.

KING: Do you ever think you are cursed? Blessed and cursed?

OZZY OSBOURNE: For every good thing that's happened to the Osbournes, there's been an equal share of bad things. Sharon got cancer, I fell off the bike, my son went into rehab with drugs, now my daughter is going into rehab with drugs. You know ...


OZZY OSBOURNE: Lawsuits -- they invented "The Osbournes."

SHARON OSBOURNE: Everybody wants a piece. It's -- I don't know, you know what, sometimes, Larry, I've been asked that before, and I said, no, no, don't be ridiculous. I'm beginning to wonder.

KING: How will you -- how did they get rid of the problem with you?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Well, you don't get rid of the problem. The problem is always there.

KING: How long since you have been on drugs?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Well, when I had the accident, I had to go on certain narcotics for the pain.

KING: Did that send you back into addiction?



OZZY OSBOURNE: I have someone hold my medication, and as the doctor prescribed -- I am down to like one pill a day, and this Monday I will be off completely.

KING: So before the accident, how did they get you off of it? What happened at rehab?

OZZY OSBOURNE: What they do in rehab is teach you the disease of addiction and alcoholism. And they talk to you, whether you want to go to these meetings that they have or -- I always found, when I stopped going to the meetings, I started drinking.

KING: They were important to you. Do you still go to meetings?


KING: Have you ever been tempted, Sharon?

SHARON OSBOURNE: No, but I'm thinking about it now because I can't take all this crap that's happening. No. I -- I had fooled around when I was young, but I've never ...

OZZY OSBOURNE: She was never the hard -- never like me, you know.

KING: At your worst, how bad was it?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Very bad. I'll tell you, I was hitting up like -- because in my day, you couldn't get it online and thank God, I would have been dead if I could have gotten it online.

KING: What pills were you addicted to?

OZZY OSBOURNE: Vicodin. Every kind you can think of...

KING: OxyContin?


KING: Is that worse than Vicodin?

OZZY OSBOURNE: My son was on that.

KING: Oh, yeah?

OZZY OSBOURNE: But there is a new pill every day. A new pill -- there's a new craze -- I've never taken ecstasy. I tried heroin twice. I did a lot of cocaine. I did a lot of LSD.

KING: Did you almost leave him?


KING: What made you stay?

SHARON OSBOURNE: Because I love him, and I wanted our family to be together.

KING: How is your son doing?


OZZY OSBOURNE: He's nearly got a year of sobriety.

SHARON OSBOURNE: April 23 is his first sober birthday. So he's doing good.

OZZY OSBOURNE: Good for Jack. I'm really proud of him for doing that.

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