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Valentine's tips from the stars

By Alesia Stanford
Daily News from Entertainment Weekly

Mom-to-be Debra Messing receives a kiss from her husband Daniel Zelman as they arrive for the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California.
Mom-to-be Debra Messing receives a kiss from her husband Daniel Zelman as they arrive for the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California.

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LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Valentine's Day is coming up fast and you haven't a clue what to get. Fortunately, some celebrities offer helpful hints.

Cards are always nice -- but you can do better than the ones available at your grocery store. Mom-to-be Debra Messing of "Will and Grace" and newlywed Selma Blair ("Legally Blonde") are fans of the unconventional greetings from "Knock-Knock." In addition to traditional lines such as "I'd Marry You All Over Again," they've got condolence cards for single friends and stick-on memo pads for secret admirers who want to come out of the closet.

If you're looking for jewelry, but don't want to make a commitment, take a cue from friends of Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and Jane Seymour. All three superstars have recently received Neckisses as gifts.

Designer Lexi Beermann creates the sparkling necklaces using crystals, semi-precious stones and shiny "miracle beads." The Manhattan native, who now calls Los Angeles her home, tells CNN they're perfect "to wear with jeans and a T-shirt, to a black-tie affair, or out for a romantic Valentine's dinner."

If you're a woman with no man in your life, try a little bonding with your girlfriends. Start with some shoe shopping -- a pair of red-and-white flip-flops like Aerosoles sandals are always nice -- and follow it up with a V-day pedicure.

Or soak up the sun like actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Grammy winner Sheryl Crow. They're fans of Roxy's "I love Surfer Boys" T-shirts, bags and wallets.

Chocolate never goes out of style, and it's gender neutral. Michelle Vanlochem of Leonidas Chocolates in Los Angeles is busy wrapping up delicious presents filled with Belgian confections for the likes of Emmy winners Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Frasier's" David Hyde Pierce.

Favorite flavors include a milk chocolate with a fresh banana cream center, fruit jellies and dark chocolate with fresh vanilla cream.

The candies are shipped in fresh every week from Belgium and have a large celebrity following. "They won't be disappointed with anything they eat, I promise!" grins Vanlochem.

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