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Suspect's pastor: No reason to suspect anything

The Rev. Mike Wheatly
CNN Access

(CNN) -- Lisa Montgomery is accused of strangling a pregnant woman and cutting an unborn child from her womb.

CNN anchor Bill Hemmer spoke Monday with the Rev. Mike Wheatly about meeting with Montgomery and her husband, Kevin, and seeing the baby before her arrest.

HEMMER: On Friday, when you met the couple and held the baby, did you notice anything unusual about their behavior, the way they reacted or talked?

WHEATLY: No, not at all. You see a lady walk in that's moving a little slow and her husband is carrying a baby with a smile on his face a mile wide, you don't suspect a thing.

HEMMER: So they were completely normal, based on your judgment? Is that right?

WHEATLY: Absolutely. Absolutely. It was -- there was no reason to be any -- to suspect anything.

HEMMER: Give us an understanding of it. What was she like in and around church?

WHEATLY: Well, we hadn't seen her in church for two or three months. Her husband comes pretty regularly because he was raised in this church, and his family, his mom and dad, have attended here for 30 some odd years so. Lisa herself, we saw her, the last time we saw her before the other morning with the baby was in October.

HEMMER: Can you help us understand the relationship between Lisa and her husband a bit better here? ... Did they appear like they were a normal couple? Is there any observation you could offer this morning?

WHEATLY: Well, I would say that, considering that she worked quite a lot, she was busy taking care of her family and her husband was working and driving back and forth to Kansas City -- that they probably didn't see each other very much. He did, however, say that he knew that she had been pregnant and felt the baby kick. So as far as we know, she was. We don't -- I mean we didn't feel the baby kick, so -- and that's obvious. But as far as we knew, he knew that she was pregnant.

HEMMER: Did you give a sermon over the weekend? And, if so, did it relate to this story in any way?

WHEATLY: Very little because my sermon was [called] "A Baby Changed Everything." And it was really meant to be about Jesus Christ. And you could correlate, I suppose, this situation because the sermon had been written -- I wrote it two weeks ago. So the fact that it kind of tied in with what was going on in Melvern [Kansas] was totally coincidental, and that was definitely the Lord.

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