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Peterson's ex-lover recalls international web of lies

Frey tells of first date, month before Laci Peterson disappeared

Amber Frey leaves court after testifying Tuesday.
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Scott Peterson's mistress recalls whirlwind romance.

Frey's first day of testimony paints a picture of a liar.
Scott Peterson
Mark Geragos
Amber Frey

REDWOOD CITY, California (CNN) -- Testimony Tuesday from Scott Peterson's former lover revealed he told her a string of lies as their relationship progressed, including denying he was married and saying he celebrated New Year's 2003 near the Eiffel Tower.

On her first day of testimony, Amber Frey said Peterson also told her he lived in Sacramento; had a condo in San Diego; went on a fishing trip to Alaska over Thanksgiving 2002; and planned to join his parents in Kennebunkport, Maine, at Christmas.

Peterson and his wife, Laci, lived in Modesto.

Peterson is charged with killing his wife, who was eight months pregnant, around Christmas Eve 2002 and dumping her body into San Francisco Bay. The remains of Laci Peterson and the couple's unborn son washed ashore separately in April 2003.

Peterson could face the death penalty if convicted.

Court adjourned late Tuesday afternoon, and Frey was to be back on the stand Wednesday.

Also Tuesday, authorities released 42 pages of transcripts of telephone calls between Frey and Peterson. They show her increasing consternation over being separated from him, which he said was unavoidable because of his travels.

The jury also heard recordings of the telephone conversations.

The prosecution showed photos of Frey and Peterson at a Christmas party in mid-December. That same night, Laci Peterson went to a holiday party alone.

On December 15, the day after the party, Frey sent Peterson a Christmas card with a picture of her and her daughter.

"To my love, I will keep you close to my heart," she wrote.

Scott later mailed it back, Frey said.

According to Frey, on December 16, a tearful Peterson acknowledged having lied about never being married. Peterson said he did so because he had lost his wife, and it was too painful to talk about it.

Frey said she didn't know Peterson was still married and had a child on the way. Peterson gave her only a cell phone number to reach him.

Her voice shaking, Frey began her testimony by describing her first of four dates with Peterson, which she said ended with their being "intimate."

Frey said she and Peterson arranged to meet at the Elephant Bar in Fresno on November 20, 2002, about a month before Laci Peterson was reported missing.

From the bar, Frey and Peterson went to a Japanese restaurant, where he had arranged for a private room, and then to a karaoke bar next door. They then went to a hotel, where the two spent the night together, Frey said.

Peterson watched intently as Frey, dressed in a black suit, testified.

She began taping calls late in December 2002, after meeting with detectives less than a week after Laci Peterson disappeared. Some of those recordings were played in court.

On December 31, 2002, Peterson called Frey to wish her a happy New Year. "I'm near the Eiffel Tower, and the New Year's celebration is unreal. The crowd is huge," Peterson said.

"It's pretty awesome. Fireworks there at the Eiffel Tower. A mass of people all playing American pop songs."

They had a lengthy talk on New Year's Day, during which Frey hinted at a possible future together and said she missed him.

"I'm just waiting, anticipating the day that I get to, you know, see you again," Frey said. "It bothers me because, you know, I'm not going to see you for so long."

Peterson responded, "Oh how sweet. Thank you. I feel the same. Obviously, you know that."

Later in the conversation, Frey said, "On Saturday, you were saying that there's so many things you thought about ... about us, but you haven't shared them with me. Why can't you share them to me on the phone?"

Peterson also told her that though he was not "adamant" about not having children, "it's not in my thoughts."

During their relationship, Peterson brought Frey gifts, and spent time with her young daughter.

He told Frey on the phone that he would returning January 25, but soon after would be off to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Before Frey took the stand, her attorney, Gloria Allred, told reporters, "The prosecution can argue that there is a motive for murder, and we'll see Scott Peterson wormed his way into her life and into her heart."

Allred described her 29-year-old client -- a single mother of two -- as nervous but prepared. Her testimony is expected to last at least a week. The lawyer said Frey's children were 3 1/2 months and 3 years old.

CNN's Ted Rowlands and Rusty Dornin contributed to this report.

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