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Most drama outside Stewart courtroom

Juror: 'No one is above the law'

A reporter uses a scarf to signal her colleagues outside the courthouse.

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CNN announcement: Stewart, Bacanovic, both found guilty.
Martha Stewart
Peter Bacanovic
New York

(CNN) -- To those outside the Martha Stewart trial in New York, the first glimpse of trouble for the self-made lifestyle diva was a group of young women running frantically down the courthouse stairs.

They carried red, hand-painted placards, each with the number four drawn in bold, black ink.

It was a signal to the cameras, reporters and crowd of onlookers that Stewart had been convicted on all four counts she had faced.

Inside, Stewart appeared less frantic. Moments earlier, the jurors had walked in single file and took their seats.

The judge read the verdicts for Stewart and her former broker and co-defendant, Peter Bacanovic.

"Martha Stewart really did not appear to show any emotion," CNN's Allen Chernoff said.

"Through virtually the entire trial, [Stewart] has shown relatively little emotion. She remained grim-faced as the jury was polled, as the judge made her announcement."

Stewart's daughter, Alexis, sat in the first row of observers. She was behind her mother as the verdict was read. She, too, revealed no emotion.

But on the other side of the room, lead prosecutor Karen Seymour choked back tears, Chernoff said.

The drama quickly spilled outside the courtroom to the busy streets.

Television reporters relayed the news live to an international audience. Print reporters hustled for interviews. Police circled the building, holding back the growing crowd.

And one juror sent a message to the media.

"This is a victory for the little guys," he said. "No one is above the law."

About an hour after the verdict was read, Stewart left the courthouse. She wore a chocolate-colored fur stole around her neck and carried a brown leather bag.

Reporters shouted questions, but Stewart left without responding.

Her attorney did speak, saying his client would appeal the decision.

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