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Gach: 'This should not happen'

Mary Kate Gach
Mary Kate Gach

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(CNN) -- Mary Kate Gach filed a $40 million lawsuit Wednesday against a killer sitting on death row for Internet postings featuring letters where he gloats about his crime.

The killer, Jack Trawick, murdered Gach's daughter in 1992. CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke with Gach and her attorney George Jones III, from Montgomery, Alabama. CNN was not able to get in touch with the webmaster who posted the killer's letters.

COOPER: The first time you heard they were on the Internet, what went through your mind?

GACH: Outrage, anger, confusion. I was stunned. To think that after everything that had happened, tragedy and losing my child and then the long process that I had gone through, that there was one more thing that ... that I didn't -- I never would have imagined that such a thing as this.

COOPER: Not only that someone would do something like this, although I guess this person is capable of just about anything, but that it would be possible to do this. I mean...

GACH: Yes.

COOPER: Did you know that it might be possible?

GACH: No. No. I think the public is not aware of this. From what I can gather, people don't know about this.

COOPER: Mary Kate, what do you think this person, this man, this killer is getting out of this?

Why is he doing this?

GACH: He wants attention. And he wants to entertain himself. This is why he killed. He's one of those.

COOPER: And when you hear lawyers or people talking about this person has a First Amendment right to say these things, to do whatever he wants on the Internet, what do you think about that?

GACH: I think that they haven't been here, of course, first of all. By the way, most of the people I talk to say he should not -- this should not happen. He should not have these freedoms. He's in prison. He's on death row. He's being punished. And that means harsh treatment and he should not have these freedoms.

George Jones III
George Jones III

COOPER: George, obviously this man's speech is protected by the First Amendment.

What's the lawsuit about?

What are you hoping to do?

JONES: Well, first, let me say this case is not about controversial speech. It is not about repugnant speech. It is about accepting responsibility for training people to kill. This man intends a portion of what he posted on the Internet to be a training manual for people to go out and commit rape and murder. And you can't just publish anything that you want to and then wave the sword of the First Amendment and say you're not subject to action. He has committed torturous activity against my client by invading her privacy. He's selling souvenirs about the murder, he's making money off of it. He is profiting from it.

COOPER: It is just remarkable.

Mary Kate, just -- if we could just -- I just want to ask you one question before I go about your daughter. I hate to always talk about the villains in all these things.

Just tell us a little bit about your daughter, what was she like?

GACH: She was a college student. She had just passed her 21st birthday. She was looking forward to her life. She was planning it. She was dreaming. She was a normal 21-year-old. And lovely and very idealistic and very caring about injustice in the world. Wanted to do something to make the world better. Someone you would be proud to have as a daughter.

COOPER: Well, her name was Stephanie Gach. She was murdered in 1992. And I'm sure she would be proud of you, Mary Kate, tonight. Thank you for being with us. George Jones III, as well, thank you.

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