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David Peck's journal

David Peck is looking for ways to incorporate more heart-healthy food and activities into his life.
David Peck is looking for ways to incorporate more heart-healthy food and activities into his life.

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Diet and Fitness

(CNN) -- During the eight weeks of the New You Resolution program, participants are keeping a journal. Experts recommend journal-keeping in helping to set goals and implement action for change. Below are excerpts from participant David Peck's journal from the past week, with the most current at the top.

February 7

My biggest accomplishment today was: Looking at labels on all food to figure out fat and calories.

February 4

At 7 a.m. while on my way to a meeting, I received a call from [wife] Amy who had some very bad news. ... My friend I visited on Monday died of cancer and left behind a wife, 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. Amy also updated me on a very close friend who is battling ovarian cancer. She had gone into exploratory surgery last night and the findings were not good. She is married and has a 9-year-old daughter.

Talk about hitting home. This was a very tough day to mix the excitement of a new job, with the loss of a friend and the great concerns and worry of another close friend. Both have young families and are young. I wanted to go home and be with my family! You realize how precious life is and it also confirms that I need to do what ever I can to make sure I stay in good health for my family.

I am so fortunate to have the catalyst of The New You Resolution and make life changes in my diet and fitness. I wish everyone had the opportunity I do and hope that the group of us on CNN will become that catalyst for others to start making changes in their lives. My hat is off to my other counter-parts in this program.

February 3

My goal today: Going through a job transition. Know I will be in hotel environment and need to make sure I eat right and work out while on road.

Today I ate for dinner: 4 shrimp, 2 types of pasta with no sauce and small portions, raw cauliflower and broccoli, 1 small piece of chicken and 1 small piece of fish. (ok, it was a buffet and I need to work on it!)

My biggest accomplishment today was: Making sure I worked out.

My biggest setback today was: The buffet. Blew it!

February 2

My goal today: Work with training and drop any weight I picked up during Super Bowl.

Things I did today to be healthier: Stayed to small portion sizes. My stomach has shrunk! No snacking unless fruit or veggie.

I am most grateful for: Losing weight while being filmed!

January 27

Today, I worked with personal trainer and did cardio. About 1 hour 15 minutes. Ate right and I am very close to going sub 200 lbs.

Things I did today to be healthier: Read the calories menu at [restaurant] to see what was best. I am much better at figuring out the best thing to eat on the menu.

January 26

Today, I ate for lunch: Turkey sandwich, no mayo, half with only meat, tomato and lettuce. Things I did today to be healthier: First time I ever removed something from my sandwich.

January 20

My goal today: Work out on the road and do sales presentation

My exercise log: Cardio for 50 minutes. Bike, stair-stepper and treadmill. Did Pilates foam workout in room. My biggest accomplishment today was working out while on the road.

January 17

Today, I drove up Highway 1 to Ano Nuevo State Park and hiked out with a docent and watched thousands of elephant seals defend territory, breed and give birth. An amazing thing! We were a group of four families and 16 people in total, so it took a while to get two large tables at a restaurant called Duartes in Pescadero. It was a really late lunch, around 3-3:30 p.m. so I was very hungry. Ended up going to a small grocery store across the street and curbing the appetite with a nectarine and a small bag of 97 percent fat free beef jerky. The next tough part of the day was sitting at the table for 90 minutes and watching the bread go by six or seven times. To top it off, it was warm and smelled great. It was a battle, but I think I won!

Most of the day I felt great, and it was great to get out and hike on the coast. Seems like the minor cut into the artery for the angiogram is healing great and there were no issues.

January 16

Things I did today to be healthier: I ate lunch right, but let loose in the evening having fun with neighbors. Something about drinking beers while playing poker. It just goes hand in hand.

I am most grateful for things that put you in a positive attitude. Just feel like my life has taken a turn for the better today. Realized what a great experience this has been.

January 15

I am most grateful for the great results yesterday and the ability to meet with the nutritionist and better understand why I would get so hungry around 10:30 a.m. Also, she indicated that it was not necessarily bad to eat your food quickly, just make sure the portions were right. Amy (my wife) was always concerned about my consumption speed. No worries now! She also said snacking was not necessarily a bad thing, just make sure the snack is right. She also stressed it is better to eat throughout the day and not miss a meal.

January 14

My biggest accomplishment today was getting through the angiogram.

I am most grateful for: Having my wife hanging by my side while I waited for three hours to go into surgery. I am also very grateful for a false-positive on the stress test. Today, I felt I was given a new lease on life. Tomorrow, I plan to rest up and get going on the new me for the New You Resolution.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate today as a 10.

January 13

My biggest setback today was thinking too much about the angiogram tomorrow.

I am most grateful for: The support of my family, friends and CNN for tomorrow. It was hard saying good night to the kids not knowing what will go down tomorrow. Everyone is very optimistic that they will find little, and I have been assured that the odds of the operation going south are minimal, but I am still thinking about my family and what if something major happens. It is a real wake-up call that makes me know I need to make sure I have life's priorities right.

January 9

I did get very hungry today, but just ignored it. Sure hope the stomach shrinks quickly. ... My biggest setback today was the hunger pains.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate today as a 10.

January 8

Things I did today to be healthier: Very conscious of portion size and what I was eating. Ordered fish versus the burger my wife ordered and I did have plate envy.

Rating: 10

January 7

Things I did today to be healthier: Very conscious of portion size and what I was eating. Liked the taste and idea of eating more fish.

My biggest setback today was: Lack of sleep and schedule. Looking forward to getting back to a routine.

Rating: 10

January 6

At dinner, did try harder not to consume mass amounts of food and slowed the eating down. When it came to dessert, I opted for a nonfat latte instead. However, the table did order a desert called the Great Wall. I said I was fine, but immediately got razzing from my dining partners. Decided to give in and they provided me with a slice. When I did not eat it, I think they realized I did not want dessert and was more serious about "The New You."

Rating: 10

January 5

Today, a 3:15 wake up call to get to the set early in the morning. Met the CNN Health Team and all the other participants. ... Also, had a ton of fun and sweated like crazy at the events set up for us at Chelsea Piers Sports Center in NY. We rock climbed, kick boxed and did my very best at yoga, which was much harder than I thought it would be.

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