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Bush strikes at Kerry on security, Iraq
President Bush and John Kerry are trading jabs on national security and other issues on the campaign trail.
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CNN's Lisa Sylvester on potential voting problems.

CNN's Frank Buckley on what Kerry focused on in Florida.

CNN's Dana Bash on why Bush went to New Jersey.
• Showdown states: Michigan
• Showdown states: New Mexico
• Showdown states: Ohio
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Morning Grind
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

  • SEARING ATTACKS: In one of the most searing speeches of the campaign, President Bush yesterday accused Senator John F. Kerry of failing to understand virtually every aspect of national security, assailing his Democratic rival of adopting a ''strategy of retreat" that would ''lead to a major defeat in the war on terrorism" and jeopardize American safety.
  • The Boston Globe: Bush assails Kerry on Iraq, security; rival fires backexternal link

  • CHANGING CONTEXT: He has accused Kerry of "mixed messages" on Iraq, but the president's rationale has shifted too.
  • The Los Angeles Times: Bush changes context for warexternal link

  • FLORIDA PROBLEMS: A smattering of all-too-familiar technical difficulties greeted Florida voters Monday as the state's first attempt at early voting in a presidential election opened the 16-day voting season in this critical battleground state.
  • The Washington Post: In Florida, it begins anewexternal link

  • NRA COUNTERS: John Kerry has been "extremely effective" in portraying himself as a gun enthusiast and hunter in the 2004 campaign, said Kayne B. Robinson, president of the National Rifle Association, whose group is preparing a push against the Democratic candidate in the final two weeks before Election Day.
  • The Washington Times: NRA hopes to counter Kerry gun ployexternal link

  • STILL TIED: Voters hold a critical view of President Bush's record, but they have reservations about Senator John Kerry, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.
  • The New York Times: Poll shows tie; concerns cited on both rivalsexternal link

  • SUCCESSFUL REGISTRATION: After spending millions of dollars and untold energy to register voters this year, Republicans and Democrats are running neck and neck in registration drives in five battleground states, while Democrats have made notable gains in two others, a survey of recent figures suggests.
  • The Washington Post: Both parties claim registration successexternal link

  • ACCESS DENIED: Judges in Florida and Colorado yesterday tightened access to polling places in their states, a blow to Democrats who had argued that legal restrictions there disenfranchised voters -- especially new ones, mostly Democratic-leaning minorities.
  • The Washington Times: Access to polling places tightenedexternal link

  • CROSSING THE LINE: Last summer, John Kerry refused to cross a police picket line and address the U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Boston. Last night he rode in a motorcade that crossed two Florida police picket lines en route to a get-out-the-vote rally in vote-rich Orlando.
  • The Boston Globe: Kerry crosses two police picket linesexternal link

  • EVANGELICAL HELP: President Bush's re-election campaign is getting a boost from powerful Christian groups, which are enlisting entertainers such as actor Jim Caviezel of "The Passion of the Christ" to cajole millions of evangelicals into voting.
  • The Washington Times: Evangelicals endeavor to redeem the voteexternal link

  • ABOVE AND BEYOND: Senator John Kerry has begun criticizing President Bush on Social Security and the draft in a manner that reaches far beyond Mr. Bush's positions.
  • The New York Times: Kerry goes beyond some of Bush positionsexternal link

  • TAKE ANOTHER LOOK: The Supreme Court kept alive a Democratic constitutional challenge to a Republican redistricting plan in Texas yesterday, ordering a three-judge district court to re-examine its January decision upholding the plan.
  • The Washington Post: Justices order new look at Texas redistricting caseexternal link

  • GORE WEIGHS IN: Former Vice President Al Gore finished a two-year series of policy addresses yesterday by accusing President Bush of deliberately suppressing information about Iraq that would have undermined his case for war.
  • The Washington Post: Gore charges Bush with prewar deceitexternal link

    Compiled by Heather Riley

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