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Inside Politics users react to the debate

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Here is a sampling of user reactions to Wednesday's debate:
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(CNN) -- asked its users whether they thought President Bush or Sen. John Kerry made a stronger case on domestic issues during the final presidential debate.

Here is a sampling from thousands of responses, some of which have been edited.

K. Jarvis from Sturgis, South Dakota:

President Bush has had a commanding lead in the debate, and that is what I am going to vote for. He has a track record of voting and he is sticking with it. Kerry has been changing his mind while the camera is on him and then votes differently when it counts.

Judy Curtis from Mill Creek, Washington:

President Bush attacks, does not supply information on what he will do to correct each of these problems. Sen. Kerry is supplying facts and figures to back up his plans. Kerry wins!

Sharon from Bradenton, Florida:

President Bush was clear and direct in expressing his programs and clearing up Kerry's ramblings! Kerry was completely out-matched!

Shen Smith from Elk Rapids, Michigan:

Bush is very strong on the economy. Kerry seems to be way off in this debate. He did well in the first, OK in the second, but this one he leaves me TOTALLY FLAT. Bush has a better grasp of what is going on in this country.

Sara from Chicago, Illinois:

It is quite curious that the president has legally prevented people from purchasing prescription medicines from Canada, but now is relying on Canada to fulfill the U.S. shortage of this season's flu vaccinations. Interesting.

Andre from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Is this debate a rerun or what? We're not learning anything new from either side. These two candidates don't seem to have passion for the subject in which they are speaking. The American public's debates are more interesting than this one.

Jacqueline Loeks from Napa, California:

Sen. John Kerry has a much clearer vision on domestic and international issues that encompasses the country as a whole. George Bush has managed to wedge such division within the country that if you do not go with what he says, you are basically against him.

John Goodrich from Stockton Springs, Maine:

Kerry makes more sense on the main domestic issue, and that is the financial crisis facing any administration from 2005 onward, due to profligate spending combined with continuing flow of tax cuts. How did a supposed conservative get his administration in such a mess?

Gary from Atlanta, Georgia:

Bush has answers; all Kerry has is a "plan."

Jens Ludwig from Washington, D.C.:

In my view Sen. Kerry won this third debate as he won the first two, in large part because the president's statements throughout the three debates were remarkably thin on substance. Kerry's answers are often confusing and convoluted, but at least he is trying to talk about what he might do to address various domestic and foreign policy problems, rather than rely on a small number of stock phrases from his campaign speeches.

Larry from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey:

President Bush is so far ahead of Kerry in integrity, stability, commitment and leadership that one would be hard-pressed to even consider Kerry as presidential material. The president dominated this debate.

Mike W. from Fayetteville, Georgia:

George Bush has not demonstrated any interest in domestic issues. The economy and health care have not been on the radar for the past three years. Considering the condition of the economy, domestic issues should have been his top priority. Tax cuts are of no value if I am unemployed, underemployed, or have taken a pay cut.

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