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Candidates' debate preps include rest

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CNN's Bob Franken on Bush, Kerry economic plans

CNN's Dana Bash looks at GOP voter registration drive in Ohio.

CNN'S Bruce Morton on George Soros' campaign against Bush.
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Morning Grind
American Votes 2004

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

READY, REST, GO: Bicycling and fishing were as much on President Bush's agenda yesterday as debate preparations, as he sought to clear his head before tomorrow night's political showdown with John Kerry in Florida.

The Boston Globe: Bush, Kerry get rested and ready for first debateexternal link

  • LONG DISTANCE BALLOT: Voters living abroad face an unwieldy system of absentee balloting that could prevent their votes from being counted.
  • The New York Times: Hurdles remain for American voters who live overseasexternal link

  • WORLD VIEW: From Canada to Mexico, from London and Paris to Jakarta and Beijing, President Bush is widely unpopular as a candidate for re-election, according to surveys and interviews conducted in 20 countries.
  • The Washington Post: Kerry is widely favored abroadexternal link

  • MUTUAL ADMIRATION: Presidential rivals try to lower expectations and gain an edge with praise for the opponent's skill.
  • The Los Angeles Times: Polite prelude to the debatesexternal link

  • DANGEROUS CANDIDATES: John Kerry and his supporters are adopting President Bush's strategy of playing on the public's security concerns as voters get a heavier-than-ever dose of speeches and television ads from both candidates designed to convince them the other ticket would make the world more dangerous.
  • The Washington Post: The politics of fearexternal link

  • EARLY BIRDS: Presidential campaigns design strategies to bank sizable portion of ballots well before Election Day.
  • USA Today: Early vote growing in size and importanceexternal link

  • TERROR PARROT: President Bush's campaign manager yesterday accused Sen. John Kerry's campaign of parroting the rhetoric of terrorists, signaling a new level of aggressiveness in advance of tomorrow's presidential debate.
  • The Washington Times: Bush camp rips Kerry rhetoricexternal link

  • TWO PLANS, TWO FLAWS: President Bush and John Kerry are arguing heatedly over the best way to stabilize Iraq, bring about democratic elections, and minimize American casualties. But specialists in Washington and Baghdad say both candidates are ignoring many of the basic realities on the ground in Iraq that will constrain the U.S.-led occupation no matter who is in the White House next year.
  • The Boston Globe: Two views on war, both seen lackingexternal link

  • STICKING TO THE SCRIPT: The candidates' 32-page agreement of do's and don'ts includes no give and take, among other things. Analysts say the exchange will suffer.
  • The Los Angeles Times: You can rule out spontaneity in the debatesexternal link

  • COMEBACK KID: John Kerry is counting on the reputation he cemented in the Democratic primaries as a candidate who runs best from behind.
  • The New York Times: A fast finisher's reputation now faces the ultimate testexternal link

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