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No train stop confuses Kerry supporters in Kansas

Inadvertent snub blamed on miscommunication

Supporters wave as Kerry-Edwards train zips past in Lawrence, Kansas.
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(CNN) -- Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards will return to Lawrence, Kansas, on Sunday for a rally to make amends to hundreds of disappointed supporters.

The supporters had turned out in Lawrence after midnight on Saturday morning, expecting the Kerry-Edwards train to slow or stop so they could get a glimpse of Edwards and Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry.

The candidates are on a cross-country campaign train trip from the Midwest to the Southwest.

But Democratic supporters were left bewildered and confused as the train chugged right on by them and kept going. The inadvertent snub was blamed on a late-night miscommunication.

"We raised our hand to wave, but the engineer hadn't slowed, and by the time we had waved even a little to the signs and cheers and camera flashes, it was dark again," wrote Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, on the campaign's Web log. "We sat frustrated, but we knew we were not as frustrated as the people of Lawrence, Kansas."

The Edwards family will return to Lawrence on Sunday for a 1 p.m. (2 p.m. ET) rally at a local park.

The Kerry campaign had not planned any official stops in Kansas, a solidly Republican state where President Bush won a 21-point victory in 2000. Saturday, the train journey continued through Colorado and New Mexico.

CNN's Sasha Johnson contributed to this report.

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