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9/11 panel report: 'We must act'

'We do not have the luxury of time,' says commission chairman

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What went wrong, according to the 9/11 report.

What now? The 9/11 commissioners' recommendations.

Thomas Kean, 9/11 commission chairman, summarizes report: U.S. didn't grasp terror threat.

Report details the final moments aboard the doomed flights.
Chapter by chapter:  The 9/11 commission report

• Gallery: Reaction
• Gallery: Key testimony
• Gallery: Commission members
  • U.S. leaders did not understand the "gravity of the threat."
  • The United States wasn't prepared to meet al Qaeda's challenges.
  • Terrorism wasn't the chief security concern of the Bush or Clinton administrations.
  • Failures to thwart 9/11 highlight agencies' inability to adapt to new problems.
  • CIA effectiveness was limited by use of intermediaries to pursue Osama bin Laden.
  • Information and analysis wasn't shared across agencies.