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Kerry Edwards: I was offered $150K for my Web site

Bail bondsman Kerry Edwards
What should bail bondsman Kerry Edwards do with his Web site
Keep it
Sell it to the Democrats
Give it to the Democrats
John Edwards
John F. Kerry

(CNN) -- is getting a lot of attention, but you won't find any pictures of the Democratic presidential candidate and his running mate.

The online address belongs to Kerry Edwards, a bail bondsman from Indianapolis, Indiana. He joined CNN's Carol Lin to discuss the coincidence and the Web site.

LIN: I don't suppose your middle name is John?


LIN: No such luck there. All right.

EDWARDS: But my wife's name is Elizabeth.

LIN: Oh, I cannot believe this coincidence. How much do you think this Web site is worth? Because you've been offered a lot of money for it.

EDWARDS: Yes, I have. And I've actually been contacted by a couple of international companies who were interested in buying it. But I have no confirmed offers at the moment.

LIN: How much money have you been hearing?

EDWARDS: My largest was $150,000. And I've been told by a couple of other professional people that deal in domain brokering that it's worth much more than that ... I'm not really schooled in how they work. How they track, you know.

LIN: Well, who's contacted you specifically? You mentioned a couple of businesspeople. What about anybody from the campaigns?

EDWARDS: Tuesday morning I was contacted by the John Kerry campaign and I spoke to their lead counsel. And they just decided to decline on the Web site at this time.

LIN: Now, this was your Web site -- it was just a family notion, right, to get pictures of a toddler out?

EDWARDS: Right. Back in, I think it was 2002, I decided to register it, just for me and my son. My son's name is Kerry Edwards as well. And I would just put pictures of him on it, and e-mail my mom, tell her to go look at it. That's pretty much about it.

LIN: So when John Edwards was announced [as vice presidential candidate], what was your reaction?

EDWARDS: I was asleep, and then I got the phone call from the lead counsel. And I said, oh, boy.

LIN: Yeah. So when are you going to put their minds to rest? What are you going to do with this Web site?

EDWARDS: I hope to wrap it up pretty soon. I was faxed a couple of offers last night. But I've not been able to get back in contact with those people to confirm who they are, or if they're legitimate offers. So maybe by Tuesday morning, I hope to get it done.

LIN: Now, you voted for President Clinton. Why not help out the party again?

EDWARDS: How do you mean?

LIN: Sell it to the Kerry people for whatever they're willing to pay for it.

EDWARDS: For whatever they're willing to pay for it?

LIN: Yeah.

EDWARDS: I don't think they're willing to pay what it's actually worth, and I'm not in the financial position to just give away money. So if they were willing to pay what the Web site's worth, that's great, I'll give it to them.

LIN: Now, let's find something -- when we log on now, we see pictures of missing kids. What's that about?

EDWARDS: I was contacted by a man yesterday, he e-mailed me, and he was looking for his children and asked me if I would put that link up. And I was more than happy to do that.

LIN: Knowing that it would get a lot of hits?

EDWARDS: Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully, he will be able to find his children.

LIN: How many hits in the last week have you gotten on the Web site?

EDWARDS: I had not actually checked the total since yesterday. But since Tuesday morning, I believe like at noon, through maybe yesterday morning, it was like 200,000.

LIN: Wow! All right. I'm sure they're surprised at what they see. We'll see what happens.

Kerry Edwards, our regards to your wife, Elizabeth. And let us know what happens with the Web site, will you?

EDWARDS: Thanks, Carol.

LIN: Thanks much.

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