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Bush dwarfs Democrats in fund raising

President Bush's fund-raising efforts are paying off for his re-election campaign.
President Bush's fund-raising efforts are paying off for his re-election campaign.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The re-election campaign of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney raised $12.8 million in January, far outpacing the amount raised by the top two Democratic presidential candidates, according to numbers released by campaign staffs.

Friday was the deadline for candidates' monthly fund-raising reports to the Federal Election Commission.

The Bush-Cheney '04 election campaign has raised $143.5 million since it began last May, said campaign press secretary Scott Stanzel.

Democratic front-runner Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts raised $7 million from January 1 through February 13 -- $6.5 million since the January 19 Iowa caucuses, a senior staff adviser said in a statement.

Kerry has raised $1 million per week online since Iowa, where he nabbed the top spot, ahead of Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina. That $1 million is about the same amount Kerry raised during all of 2003, the adviser said.

The Edwards campaign raised $4.9 million since the Iowa caucuses, including $700,000 raised Wednesday, after Edwards' solid second-place showing behind Kerry in Wisconsin, his campaign said.

Edwards has raised $450,000 online since Tuesday's Wisconsin primary. Nearly a third of those online contributions came from new donors, according to his staff.

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