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Lieberman leaves

Sen. Joe Lieberman congratulated Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards, and said he was leaving the race.
Sen. Joe Lieberman congratulated Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards, and said he was leaving the race.

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CNN's William Schneider says Sen. John Kerry is gaining support from Dems of all types.
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CNN's Jeff Greenfield says Howard Dean is looking to stage a comeback.
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Morning Grind
Joe Lieberman

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

• LIEBERMAN LEAVES: Joe Lieberman withdrew from the race after making a personal, last-ditch plea for votes in the state of Delaware that he wasn't able to get.

The Hartford Courant: His campaign never clicked with votersexternal link

• 'MUST WIN' BECOMES 'DID WIN': Taking South Carolina, Edwards scored big in nearly all groups - men, women, blacks, whites, veterans, pro-war voters, those opposed to the war in Iraq and especially those worried about the economy.

The State: Edwards captures dissatisfied S.C. votersexternal link

• CLARK EDGES EDWARDS: In the closest race in last night, Gen. Wesley Clark won Oklahoma, edging North Carolina Sen. John Edwards by just over 1000 votes.

The Oklahoman: Clark wins state's primaryexternal link

• EXIT POLLS SHOW POSSIBLE CHINKS IN THE KERRY ARMOR: John Kerry's near sweep of Tuesday's seven primaries and caucuses underscored his strength in the Democratic presidential race. But the results also identified possible chinks in his armor that could let a rival -- probably John Edwards -- mount a drive to stop him.

The Los Angeles Times: Exit polls spot vulnerabilities in Kerry's show of strengthexternal link

DEAN EYES SUPER TUESDAY: Howard Dean has trained his sights on contests down the road, turning his focus on this weekend and Super Tuesday.

The Boston Globe: Dean girds to fight another dayexternal link

• KERRY FINDS APPEAL FAR AND WIDE: Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Tuesday's seven contests that spread almost from coast to coast was the degree to which Democrats said they were satisfied with Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts as their potential nominee.

The Chicago Tribune: Front-runner's appeal stretches far and wideexternal link

• SHARPTON SHUT OUT: Al Sharpton, who campaigned tirelessly in the Palmetto State, calling on African American voters to help him get enough delegates to negotiate with party leaders, came in a distant third-place finish Tuesday.

The Washington Post: In South Carolina, activist collects no delegatesexternal link

• MILITARY SERVICE A WEAPON?: The contrast between the military service of John Kerry and George Bush has exploded into a campaign issue.

The New York Times: Military service becomes a weapon in Kerry-Bush raceexternal link

• GOP ON THE OFFENSIVE: He won't be as easy to beat as Howard Dean, but GOP aides say John Kerry has plenty of his own liberal baggage and took their first shots yesterday at the candidate they consider the probable Democratic nominee.

The New York Daily News: Attack mode in GOP's game planexternal link

Compiled by Heather Riley

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