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Clark wins Dixville Notch

What's not to like? Wesley Clark can't help but smile ater his win at the polling station of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.
What's not to like? Wesley Clark can't help but smile ater his win at the polling station of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

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CNN's Bill Hemmer talks with John Kerry on primary day.
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CNN's Bill Hemmer talks with Wesley Clark as voters go to the polls.
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Polls are open and a large turnout is predicted in the New Hampshire primary.
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Morning Grind
New Hampshire
Presidential Primaries

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

CLARK WINS: Wesley Clark won the initial votes cast Tuesday morning in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary, but final pre-primary polls rated Sen. John Kerry the favorite.

The Las Vegas Sun: Candidates wait as voting begins in N.H.

BITTER COLD: On the threshold of the nation's first primary, the Democratic presidential candidates raced across the frigid New Hampshire landscape Monday, offering closing arguments to large and attentive crowds and undermining their rivals with barbed exchanges on issues from abortion rights to the Iraq war. Kerry weighed in with a last-minute appeal to abortion-rights activists.

The Washington Post: In New Hampshire, a testy primary eve

LASAGNA NO MORE: John Kerry admits he's not on his game (actually, his exact words were "bleh"). And so help him God, if he sees another slice of lasagna today ....

The New York Times: Sleepless, grueling days are fine, but, please, no more lasagna

BEATING BUSH: A large number of New Hampshire voters were undecided as recently as last weekend. In interview after interview, Democratic and independent voters said beating President Bush was their No. 1 priority. The random interviews seem to confirm polls in Iowa, where voters said electability in November was one of their most important considerations. "Anyone but Bush" has become something of a mantra here.

The New York Times: Undecided, and out of time in New Hampshire

SEALING THE DEAL: The '04 Dems exchanged bitter words as they hurried across New Hampshire yesterday, overwhelming the state's towns, roads, and airwaves in their final campaigning before polls open today.

The Boston Globe: A fight to the finish in N.H.

GLORY DAYS: John McCain, called into action by Dick Cheney, returned to the site of his greatest political triumph Monday and campaigned for the man who ended his dreams for the White House in 2000 President Bush.

USA Today: McCain campaigns for Bush in N.H.

THREE TICKETS OUTTA HERE: The big battle today is for third place, because voters appear poised to give John Kerry and Howard Dean a solid one-two showing. Wesley Clark, John Edwards and Joe Lieberman are in a three-way statistical tie for third place in one of the latest polls for the nation's first binding primary.

The Washington Times: Democrats battle for 3rd place

CORZINE FOR KERRY: New Jersey Sen. Jon Corzine will endorse Senate colleague John Kerry for president today during a news conference in Trenton, according to Democrats close to the decision.

The Star-Ledger: Corzine is expected to support Kerry's presidential bid today


SMEAR DEAN: Dean charged yesterday that unnamed opponents had unleashed a war of "dirty tricks" to try to stop him - including a forged anti-gay email. Dean's aides released 18 pages of documents that they said proved an organized attempt to discredit the ex-Vermont governor and turn off his supporters the day before the primary vote here. Dean refused to say who he thought was behind the smear.

The New York Post: Howard lashes out at cyber 'smear campaign'

CLAWING AND SWATTING: Howard Dean tried to claw his way back into contention on the eve of today's primary, swatting at John Kerry for his Iraq war vote and accusing the front-runner's campaign of dirty tricks.

Daily News: Dean rips Kerry in late offensive

KERRY'S NORTHERN STRATEGY: Certified front-runner or suddenly on the ropes, John Kerry peels out of New Hampshire tomorrow night into a far less certain spat of contests in the South, West and middle America. Though many say the first real test is in the South, Kerry openly questioned the strategy.

The Boston Herald: Kerry looks past South, focuses on national strategy

Compiled by John Mercurio

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