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Analysts examine the Iowa fallout

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(CNN) -- As the results came in from the Iowa Democratic caucuses, revealing good news for Sen. John Kerry and possibly the end to Rep. Dick Gephardt's campaign, political observers weighed in on the impact.

"There was a button going around ... 'Dated Dean, Married Kerry.' People were flirting with Dean. They liked the aggressiveness. They liked the excitement of the campaign. Then the calendar flipped. ... They thought, 'You know, we may be picking a presidential nominee here.'"

-- CNN senior analyst Jeff Greenfield

"I think [Kerry] got his footing. ... Doubts started to come in about [Howard] Dean. He had some missteps. When one guy loses votes, someone else has to gain them. They just don't go out where parallel lines go or something like that. His campaign got a lot better. ... And John Kerry got a lot better, as did John Edwards."

-- Democratic strategist and CNN analyst James Carville

"I thought organization would win, because it's all a matter of turnout in a caucus state. It's not like any other process. You've got to show up. You've got to go out in zero weather. You've got to be there. My own view was that Dick Gephardt had the organization. Dean had been there for over a year. Kerry and Edwards were working hard and coming on a little late. It really shows what I know about politics."

-- Bob Dole, former Republican presidential candidate and senator

"I think the Gephardt people were very surprised. Some of the counties that they expected -- Black Hawk County, Story County -- didn't come in. Many of their caucus-goers saw an overwhelming crowd for John Kerry and John Edwards, and some of them melted, decided to go ahead and support one of the two front-runners. And they're clearly, right now, pretty depressed, in my judgment."

-- Donna Brazile, manager of the 2000 Gore campaign

"Having watched Kerry campaigns in Massachusetts, people always call him aloof and patrician and aristocratic, but he always wins the working-class vote. And that happened tonight. It shows you, I think, something of the waning strength of the industrial unions in this country."

-- Joe Klein, Time magazine columnist

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