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Cold shoulders in New Hampshire?

Solo act?  In an article called
Solo act? In an article called "Dean, party of one," The Washintgon Post talks about a perception that Dean campaign workers aren't partying with the others.

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CNN's Bill Hemmer talks with John Edwards.
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CNN's Candy Crowley on the final debate in Iowa.
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CNN's Bill Schneider on the Dean campaign's basis: empowerment.
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Tuesday, January 13: District of Columbia primary

Monday, January 19: Iowa Caucuses

Tuesday, January 27: New Hampshire primary

When is your primary? For more key dates in the 2004 election season, see our special America Votes 2004 Election Calendar
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Check out the links below to hot political stories around the country this morning.

• PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS: "Stop by the Strange Brew or the Wild Rover in downtown Manchester late on a Friday or Saturday night and you're likely to find any combination of Democratic staffers drinking, letting off steam, talking about anything other than work. But to the great annoyance of everyone else, the Dean people are almost never there."

The Washington Post: Dean, party of oneexternal link

• DEBATE ROUND-UP: "Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean again was put on the defensive Sunday by his rivals in a nationally televised debate, this time over his failure to appoint a minority member to his Cabinet during 11 years as Vermont governor."

The Des Moines Register: Dean defends his record on raceexternal link

• TAX RETURNS: "Driven by President Bush's steep tax cuts and a burgeoning budget deficit, Democratic presidential candidates have seized on an issue that Republicans have largely owned for a decade -- tax reform."

The Washington Post: Democrats put tax proposals In context of systemic changeexternal link

• THE CLARK TAPE: "Less than a year before he entered the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Gen. Wesley K. Clark said that he believed there was a connection between the Iraqi government and al Qaeda."

The New York Times: Tape shows Gen. Clark linking Iraq and al Qaedaexternal link

• PUT ON A HAPPY FACE: "The political commercials running on television in these last days before the Iowa caucuses are an exercise in tact. The spots are rife with inspirational scenes of candidates with their adoring supporters. Swipes at opponents, if any, are veiled."

The New York Times: For top Candidates, TV ads smile, but mailings snarlexternal link

• FLIP-FLOP ON HIS FLIP-FLOP: "Political experts differ on whether Howard Dean's new position on middle-class tax cuts is a flip-flop, but most agree that the upcoming votes in Iowa and New Hampshire made it happen."

The Manchester Union Leader: Dean tax plan change debated by peersexternal link

• INDIE ROCKERS: The Choosing an Independent President 2004 convention in Bedford, New Hampshire "drew more than 300 attendees from 30 states according to convention organizers, wasn't a search for an independent Presidential contender. Rather it was more of a brainstorming session where independents are looking for ways to change the system."

The Manchester Union Leader: Independents look ahead to breaking 2-party systemexternal link

• BY THE NUMBERS: A look at some of the latest state and national polls.

Altoona, Iowa: "Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is showing signs of momentum as the campaign for the 2004 Iowa caucuses enters its final week, a national public opinion poll showed Sunday."

The Des Moines Register: Poll: Edwards on Kerry's heelsexternal link

Iowa: "Despite the increasing tensions in the waning days before the Iowa caucuses, a majority of likely Iowa caucus-goers say they don't believe the campaign has been too negative, according to a QUAD-CITY TIMES/KWQC-TV6 statewide poll."

The Quad-City Times: Voters say campaign hasn't been too nastyexternal link

Columbus, Ohio: "Howard Dean, the brash insurgent who seized the national political spotlight by raising cash over the Internet and bashing President Bush over Iraq, is the early favorite of Ohio Democrats, the first Dispatch Poll of the 2004 presidential campaign shows."

The Columbus Dispatch: The early favoriteexternal link

Baltimore, Maryland: Poll shows Dean ahead of Clark by 13 percentage points.

The Baltimore Sun: The Maryland Pollexternal link

Compiled by Shirley Zilberstein.

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