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Learn about the challenges ex-POWs face when readjusting to society

April 14, 2003
Web posted at: 12:17 AM EDT (0417 GMT)

U.S. Marines rescued seven American POWs on Sunday. Though some of the ex-POWs appeared to be wounded, all seven of them were able to walk without help to the U.S. transport vehicles awaiting them. The seven soldiers can expect to be treated at Washington, D.C.'s Walter Reed Army Hospital - the same facility where Pfc. Jessica Lynch is being treated. On Saturday, supporters lined the streets in Washington to commemorate Lynch's arrival in the U.S.

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After students read "Seven rescued U.S. prisoners prepare to come home" present the following questions:

1. How many American POWs were rescued by U.S. Marines on Sunday? What role did the Iraqi police have in recovering these POWs? According to the story, how did the families of the POWs react to the release of their loved ones?

2. Who is Jessica Lynch? In which military unit did she serve? When and under what circumstances was she rescued? What injures did she sustain? Where are Lynch and the other ex-POWs receiving medical treatment? Why do you think Lynch has been the focus of so much media attention?

3. What challenges lie ahead for Lynch and the other rescued POWs? Direct student groups to online resources including the story, "Shepperd: When freed, POWs need help (, to learn about the challenges that ex-POWs face in terms of readjusting to society and the help that is available for these ex-POWs. After groups share their findings, have students consider the unique challenges that Jessica Lynch faces after she returns home to West Virginia. Ask students to consider the symbolic significance of Lynch's rescue and how she might be affected by her newfound celebrity. How should the media approach its coverage of Lynch's homecoming and recovery? Discuss.

4. Teachers: For an activity on the rights of POWs under the Geneva Conventions, visit: CNN Student News Daily Classroom Guide - March 24, 2003 (

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