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Identify acts of heroism in the war in Iraq

April 3, 2003
Web posted at: 12:45 AM EST (0545 GMT)

After students read "Troops close in on Baghdad; rescued soldier treated in Germany" present the following:

• AOL@School: War with Iraq external link

• Holt, Rinehart and Winston: Conflict in the Persian Gulf external link

1. Approximately how far away are U.S. troops from the Iraqi capital of Baghdad? Why is this proximity significant? What is the "red zone"? What do Pentagon officials say lies ahead for the coalition forces? Where is the city of Najaf? What is the strategic and religious significance of this city? What is the relevance of the fact that coalition forces found a pair of Iraqi Al-Samoud II missiles on a farm in central Iraq?

2. What is the latest status on Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch? Where is she recovering from her wounds? Where had the Iraqis held her as a prisoner of war? How did her family react to the news of her rescue? How do you think news of her rescue has affected morale, both on the battlefield and on the U.S. homefront?

3. Have students discuss the meaning of the word "hero". Ask: What criteria would you use to determine whether or not someone is a hero? Do you think the rescuers of U.S. soldier Jessica Lynch are heroes? Can you think of examples of heroism that have surfaced in the war in Iraq-both on the battlefield and at home? What role do heroes play, especially in times of war and conflict? Challenge students to search the many resources on the war in Iraq for stories that they think depict acts of heroism as defined by the student's criteria. Inform students that heroes do not have to be identified by name-they can be groups of people or acts themselves. Encourage each student to write a profile of one hero or act of heroism and perhaps even submit it to the My Hero Project ( Profiles should include a summary of the person or act and the reasons why the student chose the topic.

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  • Holt, Rinehart and Winston: Government

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