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Baghdad explosions kill at least 10

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BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Four explosions shook Baghdad early Monday, the first and largest a suicide bombing that targeted the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Ten people were reported killed.

Separately, at least three other bomb attacks were reported on Iraqi police stations across Baghdad with a fourth attempted. Coalition officials said an unknown number of American soldiers were injured in at least one of the station bombings.

Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling of the U.S. Army confirmed that the attack on the Red Cross compound was a suicide bombing.

"Initial indicators, and we're trying to confirm this, but we have eyewitnesses that say that the truck was, in fact, a Red Cross-Red Crescent truck, carrying the explosives -- like a panel van, a little bit larger," Hertling said.

Hertling called the explosion a "criminal, terrorist act." He also said Iraqi police prevented the explosives-laden vehicle from entering the Red Cross compound. The driver detonated his explosives when he was stopped by police, Hertling said.

At least 10 Iraqis were killed and 10 others wounded in the suicide attack on the Red Cross building, Hertling said. A Baghdad hospital official confirmed 10 deaths and more than 20 wounded -- all Iraqis.

Red Cross spokeswoman Nada Doumani said the attack on the ICRC compound was a shock.

"Maybe it was an illusion to think people would understand after 23 years that we are unbiased. I can't understand why we've been targeted," Doumani said. The ICRC has been providing humanitarian assistance in Iraq since 1980.

Video from the scene outside the Red Cross showed thick black smoke billowing from burning cars. The attack on the Red Cross occurred at about 8:20 a.m. (12:20 a.m. ET).

Coalition military vehicles, including tanks, raced to the scene, cordoning off the area surrounding the Red Cross. Coalition helicopters criss-crossed the sky.

Fire trucks and ambulances crowded the area surrounding the compound.

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