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Angry, emotional funeral for Hamas leader

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(CNN) -- The funeral for Ismail Abu Shanab, a top leader of Hamas killed by Israeli soldiers, was held today. More than 30,000 Palestinians turned out to mourn the militant and demonstrate their dismay with the Mideast peace process. CNN's Michael Holmes was on the scene.

HOLMES: This funeral is very much under way. It's been going for over two hours now. There's probably another two hours left in it, and the crowd continues to swell. It's probably around the 30,000 mark now, and many more militants are arriving.

A group of masked men carrying guns [and] dressed in military fatigues from the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade walked past just minutes ago.

And just before them, there were groups of Hamas would-be suicide bombers, dressed in green silk, which is their way of saying they are willing to be, in their words, "martyrs."

Now, this funeral for Ismail Abu Shanab is a very emotional scene, a very, at times, angry scene. There are loudspeakers on vans calling for the end of the "road map," the end of the cease-fire, the end of talks and calling on Palestinians to shed their blood for the Palestinian cause.

The rhetoric is to be expected, it has to be said. But one thing that is different is that Ismail Abu Shanab is a professor, an American-educated man, and despite being a senior member of what the U.S. calls a terrorist organization, Hamas, he was considered within that context to be a moderate.

He was the man who did hold talks with the Palestinian Authority on the cease-fire, and there's a great deal of shock and sadness here that he was the individual chosen as a target for the Israeli missile attack on his vehicle yesterday.

This funeral is currently at the city's main mosque in Gaza City, and there is some more gunfire in the background, again, a tradition at funerals in Palestinian areas [is] firing gunshots into the air. The funeral will then go to the cemetery. He will be buried and it will be over.

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