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Israel denies Iraqi missile claim

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CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) -- Iraq claims it has found an Israeli missile in Baghdad and accuses Israel of "taking part in this aggression against Iraq," Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri said Sunday.

The Israeli government denied the Iraqi claim.

"Israel is not engaged in this war in any way," said Daniel Seaman, a government spokesman. "We are not physically involved in it. ... We are not involved in firing missiles at Iraq in any way."

Sabri, arriving in Cairo for a meeting of Arab foreign ministers, provided no evidence to support his claim.

Iraq might have found part of a system, sold by the Israelis to the U.S. military, that is something like a drone and draws enemy fire from Tomahawk cruise missiles, Israeli government sources said.

In what appeared be a reference to the taking of U.S. prisoners by Iraq, Sabri also said that what has happened in his country means Iraq is strong and not surrendering easily.

"Thousands of missiles are fired against the heroic people of Iraq. But the heroic people of Iraq is more capable than all these weapons. And we'll defeat all these aggressors and we'll bury the new ... W. Bush junior in the desert of Iraq," Sabri said.

Sabri, who last week called U.S. President George Bush an idiot and a small dog, called on Arab governments to condemn the U.S.-led invasion and appealed to them to condemn the countries providing assistance to coalition troops.

"We will teach them a lesson they will not forget. Our people are fighting the attackers everywhere and we will put their head in the mud," Sabri said.

-- CNN Producer Dawn Tamir contributed to this report

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