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U.S. asks NATO for war support

A U.S. F-15 Eagle takes off from Incirlik air base, Turkey.

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BRUSSELS, Belgium (CNN) -- The United States has formally asked the NATO allies for assistance and support in case of a war with Iraq.

NATO spokesman Yves Brodeur told CNN that the North Atlantic Council, NATO's executive body, received a formal proposal based on discussions held between NATO leaders and U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz on December 4.

Brodeur said the process of discussing what role NATO might play has not begun and there is no timetable yet for those discussions.

The United States is asking that NATO allow use of its assets like AWACS surveillance planes and provide logistical support.

The proposal calls on NATO to respond if NATO member Turkey is attacked by Iraq. The possible deployment of Patriot missiles in Turkey is also proposed.

NATO was also asked that its member nations play a role in post-conflict peacekeeping or humanitarian operations in Iraq.

Last week Turkish PM Abdullah Gul announced that Turkey has agreed to allow the United States to survey some of its military bases and ports for possible use in the event of a war.

The agreement, signed last Friday, did not immediately allow U.S. troops to use the bases.

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