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The Bijani twins: More of your tributes

Ladan and Laleh Bijani: 1974-2003

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(CNN) -- We have received thousands of e-mails paying tribute to Ladan and Laleh Bijani. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write. We will not be posting any more but here is a selection of your messages.

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"Our deepest sympathy, more than tears came to our eyes but God is a rewarder and everything is in his hands." Mervin and Kenrick Lewis and Jennifer Leandre, Barbados

"You showed so many people you are brave. Everyone is proud that you two actually went through with the surgery. We are sad that you two are gone. We will always remember you. We love you two!" Parisa, Iran

"They will forever be able to look each other in the face now. They are true heros! God Bless them and their family." Barbara Goodman, United States

"We are deeply shocked by the untimely demise of the twin sisters. May their soul rest in peace." Kabita Parajuli, Nepal

I followed every bit of news for these two very brave and courageous ladies and their surgical team with the utmost hope that their surgery would succeed and they would achieve being individuals. I have prayed from the beginning. They have given hope to others and made a significant sacrifice so other may live." Stella Willig, United States

"Saddened by the passing of two happy and winsome young ladies." Selwyn Jones, St Vincent

This is undoubtedly the ultimate "Profile in Courage" the courage of these two beautiful and intelligent young women is to be celebrated." Joan Cole, Canada

"Enjoy the heavens. Your courage has inspired me and millions not to be afraid and challenge the odds." M. Bagheri, United States

"Enjoy the heavens. Your courage has inspired me and millions not to be afraid and challenge the odds." Mina Samaan, Egypt

"I still don't believe these two brave ladies were joking and laughting knowing what they were about to face. They laughted at death and captured the hearts of millions around the world." Kamal Hosseini, Canada

Singapore's Iranian community gave flowers to doctors operating on the twins.

"The courage these two sisters had was just as unique as their lives. My husband and I were engulfed with disbelief at the news of their death. May Allah bless their soul." Salma A. Edarus, Kenya

"Some of us are not risk takers, afraid that we will loose our materials things. Also we don't want to take that plunge in case we lose our jobs. But all these cannot be compared to what they have done. They dared to take the risk even if it meant losing their lives. Their courage is beyond words. " Aida, Singapore

"They are very friendly and kind people and it's a great loss to all of us. Hopefully this can contribute towards our future attempts at similar surgeries. " Agus Setiawan, Singapore

"I feel extremely sad. The two brave and beautiful ladies will be missed by the whole world. They also contributed their lifes to medical technology. May peace and happiness be with them in the heaven!" Chen Li, China

"For once the world seemed to be united in praying for the welfare of the two courageous lives. It is a great pity! They would have been great 'ambassadors' to the community at large in inspiring human beings throughout our planet." Sas Saddick, Australia

"I am all tears and my heart pressed, nothing can explain my deep sadness inside, my heartiest condolences to thier family, friends, medical team and the Iranian nation. May God bless and place them in heaven. Amen." Mehran Moshiri, Canada

"May their lives be an example to others... to have faith and complete trust for their determination to be separated forever." Ramil Joshua Tabligan, Philippines

start quoteNow we have new heroes. end quote
-- Susi Brandt, United States

"We were greatly saddened to hear of the twins death after surgery and we wanted their family to know that we are thinking of them at this terrible time." Thossaphol Noratus, Thailand

"Iwas really sad when I heard the news. Nevertheless, the Bijani sisters have enlightened us on the peak courag to have a normal life. May god bless their souls." K Saravana Kumar, Malaysia

"God Bless and take care of these 2 beautiful girls may they rest in peace. They are together in a better place....god bless you two." Sam McAulay, Australia

"The twins knew it was a 50/50 chance, but they left it in God's hands. He just wanted them there with Him." Monica, United States.

"Now we have new heroes." Susi Brandt, United States

"Two brave hearts have passed away to God, leaving lots of courage, hope and love lessons for us. People all around the world do not forget them because they brought people's hearts close together. God blessed them." Vahid, Iran

"The indomitable courage of the twinswill open a new chapter in the annals of medical science. The superhuman efforts of the doctors will not go in vain. This "sacrifice" shall yield tangible solutions in the near future. Hats off to Bijani sisters and the doctors." Venkatesan, Croatia

"To know that they stood only a 50/50 chance of surviving, they still insisited on going ahead; they have won my admiration and respect. May the two brave ladies rest in peace." Jackson Ng, UK

Golnaz Safaian, adopted sister of the twins, writes with a friend the words for the twins funeral banners.

"I just hope that the doctors have learned all they can from such an extraordinary surgery. It's amazing people all around the world could come together for these brave women." Lisa Snider, United States

"I want to say that I knew them, I see the feelings, the love in her hearts, I am sure, that if there´s a God up there, they have a very important place to be separate and united in one person!" Catalina, Columbia

"As a twin for 78 years I know that if my sister could not live through such an ordeal then I wouldn't want to either. If she could, then I would want to as well. There's something special about being a twin." Roselie Day, United States

"Taking death in its face was the biggest challenge these twin sisters took, albeit with great hope and a positive attitude. We pray may Allah rest their souls in Heavenly Peace. Amen!" Muslim F. Damarwala, India.

"Laleh and Ladan, I admire your courage, God bless your souls. May your love for life become a lesson for those who take life for granted." Behzad, Canada

"My heart sank when I heard the news. Your courage and bravery for freedom and a better life deserve respect from people all over the world. You also made me appreciate the normal life I have now." Zhong Gu, China

"Their faith and courage has touched us all. Against all odds, they've made the toughest decision of their lives in a bid to live their live to the fullest. My condolences to the Bijani sisiters who persevered to the end." Annabelle, Singapore

"Just as much we all hoped by all our hearts for a sucess, we are now all left shocked and mourning. But you will go on living in all our hearts." A. W. Bergh, Sweden

start quoteIn Ovid's words, 'My hopes are not always realized but I always hope.'end quote
-- Pat, United States

"All I can say is I am sorry. I am so sad." Arash, Belgium

"Now you will be in Gods Heaven, seperated as it was your greatest wish, but together for ever. Your courage will be an example to others. My deepest condolence." Rick, Switzerland

"I prayed with god to give peace and strength to Bijani family in this unbearable situation. And thanks a lot for the surgery team for thier great efforts." Amir Raj Thapa, Nepal

"You will never be forgotten and shall remain in our every prayer. To the doctors/surgeons who too have put up a brave and courageous front." Lena, Singapore

"In Ovid's words, 'My hopes are not always realized but I always hope.' What these sisters sought is exactly what all of us would seek in the same situation. It is a loss for all us -- now there are two less rays of sunshine in our world." Pat, United States

"It was their desire to live their lives separately. Although tragic, I know now that they are separate individuals living in the next dimension." Steven Yoon, Singapore

"What beautiful smiles you both had. I will never forget those smiles as I saw the photos of you going to surgery. You are both an inspiration to this world. What courage and hope you showed. Thank you for being such graceful, hopeful women." F. Nevill, United States

"Every operation is a risky one and this one was overwhelmed with risk. I admire the strength and courage of the twins. Rest in peace." Matjaz, Slovenia

"God rest the souls of Ladan and Laleh in eternal peace, Amen." Louis Kassala, Tanzania

"Great lesson of life: In their uniqueness and separation, they brought the world very close." Amine Kenssous, Morocco


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