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The Bijani twins: Your tributes

Ladan and Laleh Bijani: 1974-2003

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(CNN) -- We have received thousands of e-mails paying tribute to Ladan and Laleh Bijani. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write. We will not be posting any more but here is a selection of your messages.

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"Our deepest sympathy,more than tears came to our eyes but God is a rewarder and everything is in his hands." Mervin and Kenrick Lewis and Jennifer Leandre, Barbados

"Your bravery and wonderful determination were an inspiration to the world." Rumana, Bangladesh

"I pray for the souls of the two brave young girls. At the same time my sincere prayers to the medical team whose determination was to help the twins' dream to live as two separate individuals come true. Let's pray so that someday somehow this may be a reality." Tostao Oktta, Japan

"They knew the risks of the surgery, but were so brave and courageous. They showed a remarkable spirit of life, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm." Tony DaMommio, U.S.

"May their souls rest in perpetual peace. The twins displayed so much courage even though the operation was so risky. They lived together for twenty nine years and were together at the end." Taufila Nyamadzabo, Botswana

"The courage against all odds shown by the Bijani sisters who knew the high risk of the operation and the humanitarian contribution by the medical staff all brought people round the world to pray for them irrespective of nationality or religion." Prashant, India

"May god bless you and your family, maybe the world can learn from your bravery." Chad Alexander, U.S.

"Brave were the two girls, equally courageous was the team of surgeons, who undertook this difficult and risky operation to realize the twins' dreams and aspirations." Shridhar Shetty, Singapore

"Being an identical twin I always think how easily it could have been my sister and me. I applaud these two for their courage to choose to live separate lives." Jill, U.S.

"I am deeply saddened by the death of the brave twins, and I pray that their souls rest in peace. We cannot ignore the fact that the doctors made a phenomenal effort in spite of the odds against such a surgery on adults." Jayakumar Gilbert, India

"It seems that with everything going on in the world right now, this story of the twins courage and positive outlook on life captured the hearts of all nations and religions alike." George Dos Santos, Canada

"Even as a child, I remember admiring your courage and enthusiasm for life. Many of us face adversity in our lives but few meet it smiling. I will remember your cheerfully brave faces and forever be proud of you." .Sepehr Farahbakhshian, U.S.

"Thank you Ladan and Laleh for showing the world the face of courage with a smile." Sheryn Hew, France

"We admire your patience,courage and determination and the bravery of the doctors." Thobo Kgabo, Botswana

Singapore's Iranian community gave doctors operating on the twins flowers.

"The whole world can learn from their courage. They died full of hopefulness, happiness and looking forward to the future. God bless them and their family." Carolina Pineros, Colombia

"The twin sisters' courage to get separated inspired many. We should always remember not to give up hope." Shin Min Ah, South Korea

"We understand their will to live autonomous lives and to assume the great risk that surgery would incur. I wish these charming twins rest in peace and I present my condolences to the Bijani family." Cyr Clovis Ngbanda, Belgium

"As a physician,I admire the brave 29 years they spent as twins and the hard work of surgeons. Our deep condolence to the Iranian family and nation." Dr. Jamal Arafa, Libya

"Their willingness to live have made this tragedy something that I will not forget. All participating doctors are praiseworthy for coming together and undertaking this challenge." Syed, Canada

"Our deepest condolences to the Bijani family for their loss of twins Laleh and Ladan. These were very courageous women and inspired all of us around the world. Great thanks to the medical team for their efforts." Caroline Perry, Australia

"Your courage and will to live is an example to all of us. Your story should serve to remind us that, far from religious differences, as humans we are all one and the same." Juan Escalante, Ecuador

"I feel sad for the twins and their families and my heart goes out to them. Your courage and sheer determination to overcome difficulties in life leaves me in awe of your bravery and self-determination." Darius Chen, Singapore

start quoteTo the Bijani twins' parents and family, please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of Ladan and Laleh. Your daughters have given the world a great gift. end quote
-- Barbara Rho, U.S.

"The bravery, hope and aspiration of the Bijani twins touched hearts across the world and proves that human beings are able to empathize with each other. I feel a great sense of loss for the medical team. Sincerest sympathy to their loved ones." Sandra E. Garland, Turks and Caicos Islands

"I may not have known you ladies personally, but I will always remember the both of you as the inspiring female individuals who fought bravely, who dared to risk everything for the sake of the true freedom." Carolyn, Singapore

"These two beautiful women displayed bravery and courage that amazed me. Knowing the odds were against them, they were still determined. Heroes." Blain Bogdon, Canada

"This is a time when geographies, religions and politics fall by the wayside and we all can focus on the sadness that the loss of these two, by all accounts, wonderful, courageous human beings brings to our small, insignificant world." Art McDermott, U.S.

"My heartfelt condolences to the Bijani family for the sad loss of Ladan and Laleh. I salute the two for their determination and courage to lead independent lives and I thank the medical team in Singapore for the willingness to try and realize the wish of these young twins and the protracted struggle in saving their lives." Gideon Nasari, Tanzania

"I truly regret the loss of two great souls. They were the finest examples of strength, courage and the human spirit. This in itself, is a lifetime accomplishment. But the human desire to be an individual overcame the fear of loss. May we learn from them and their loss be our be our gain." Jeffrey Aegerter, Switzerland

Golnaz Safaian, adopted sister of the twins, writes with a friend the words for the twins funeral banners.

"To the Bijani twins' parents and family, please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of Ladan and Laleh. Your daughters have given the world a great gift." Barbara Rho, U.S.

"Both of you are truly admirable as your determination to lead separate lives led to this decision to go for Operation Hope, knowing well the risks involved. You are both indeed ladies of true courage, my heartfelt condolences to both of you and your family. The strength and courage you both displayed in Singapore has really inspired many." Xavier Tan, Singapore

"What a remarkable story about two wonderfully brave and intelligent women. May they be granted the peace and happiness they deserve." Eweiss, U.S.

"Your courage and angelic smile crossed all borders, touched all hearts, brought out the best and purest in so many and are immortal." Omar Massoud, Egypt

"I was deeply moved by Laleh and Ladan's cheerful demeanor and positive outlook. They were beautiful women who were committed to the future." Cheryl Stewart, U.S.

"I didn't even know these two women, yet I fell an amazing amount of grief for them. The bravery and courage these to women have shown should be a lesson for the world to understand. These women were two normal women, Ladan and Laleh wanted to prove that. But, thank you Ladan and Laleh you have brought together the world." Jordan Potter, U.S.

"Today is a very sad day for all Iranians and for all the people around the world who were sympathizing with dear Laleh and Ladan." Farrokh Javanmardian, Iran

start quoteThank you for your magnificent display of the human spirit. You have brought the world a little closer.end quote
-- Terry Tan, Singapore

"Your courage and desire to fulfill your ambitions and dreams is a celebration of life! God bless you as you continue your journey." B Coombs, Canada

"Thank you for your magnificent display of the human spirit. You have brought the world a little closer." Terry Tan, Singapore

"In Persian Laleh and Ladan are names of two flowers, and they were two. They sang the melody of love together and climbed to the highest pinnacles of life. Where else can you go when you are already on summit?" Dr Saied Abedi, UK

"As Singaporean's, we cannot help but feel the deep regret that your wishes cannot be fulfilled here. Yet knowing the standards of the medical profession here, I know for a fact that the medical team has done its utmost under the circumstances, and that the lessons learnt from your sacrifice can only help to advance the expertise in this area and bring liberation for future generations of similarly afflicted twins." Mark Yong, Singapore

"Risking everything to chase a lifelong dream - If that is not living life to the fullest, I am not sure what is. The team of international medical staff is just another example of how the world will always be able to do more together." Nazik Nizam, Sri Lanka

"Thanks for showing us all what life can be like even with obstacles." Victor Blell, Sierra Leone


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