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The Bijani twins: Your tributes

Ladan and Laleh Bijani: 1974-2003

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Were doctors right to attempt an operation to separate Ladan and Laleh Bijani, given the risks involved?
Yes, it was what the twins wanted
No, it was too risky

(CNN) -- We have received thousands of e-mails paying tribute to Ladan and Laleh Bijani. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write. We will not be posting any more but here is a selection of your messages.

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"They had just one simple wish, to live normally and they accepted the highest risk to achieve it. It's the best lesson for us to be thankful from our life." Hamid Afrasiabi, Germany

"I prayed, I hoped, and I shed my tears. Courage, hope, determination, and above all love for life. Risking certain death so that your dream may come true, that is what Laleh and Laden tried to tell us." Wolverine, Canada

"In death as in life, these ladies were true role models." Sharon Brown, U.S.

"I was excited for both of these women as I heard of their forthcoming surgery weeks in advance. I was hoping for the most favorable outcome for them both. I was shocked and I am horribly saddened to learn of their tragedy." Jeff Watson, U.S.

"May their lives that were full of courage and determination be an inspiration for all of us." Shady Hawwa, Lebanon

"I have never forgotten the first time I saw your picture as infants. From the first day you had a place in my heart. I remember your innocent faces. But you know what... I still see that innocence coupled with courage. I also would like to thank the " Operation Hope" team for their efforts to give us all hope." Sepideh Arya, U.S.

"They knew that they had very little chance of success in the operation, but what should be admired is their determination and courage to face the operation that could have changed their lives for ever." Sunimal L. Kaluarachchi, Sri Lanka

"It was really tragic to read this news about life of bravery and determination, terminated so short in life. The world should salute these twins for their exemplary courage and determination." Arslaan Ikram, Pakistan

"Your bravery and courage to live your separate lives are a powerful lesson to us still living." Nur Aina Adlan, Malaysia

"My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of these two brave and courageous ladies, who in the process of achieving their dream to live as individuals, lost their lives. To the surgeons and all medical staff who were involved, I say continue the good work and my heart goes out to you." Monica Kay, France

"I admire the bravery of Ladan and Laleh. The twins' determination to live out their dreams in the face of utmost risks serve a powerful lesson to us all." Adrian Ang, Singapore

"From twin sisters to twin sisters: I cannot imagine a life without Nadya. When Laleh died I felt that this was a sign that God did not want to divide you! It would have been a tragedy for Laleh to live her life alone. But I'm sure that now you are in a much better place where you can still love each other." Sabyne & Nadya Moras, Italy

woman crying
An Iranian woman breaks down during a press announcement

"We are both upset by this tragic news and hope that lessons may have been learnt for future success." Tony & Janet Markham, Australia

"It's really sad. I salute the courage of Laleh and Ladan. We in Nigeria have drawn inspiration from them." Sotonye Fyneface-Ogan, Nigeria

"These ladies were brave and very determined to live and enjoy their lives separately. It had obviously got to the point where the risk of death was a worthwhile sacrifice. I praise them for the 29 years which they did live, achieving things that a lot of people, despite being born without this handicap, have not been able to achieve and ask God to guide and bless them as they go on to the next phase." Joseph Ikunna, UK

start quoteThey went for the operation knowing the risks and dangers, hoping for a new lease of life as two seperate individuals.end quote
-- Ng Chong Hern Bennedic, Singapore

"It was really tragic to read this news about life of bravery and determination, terminated so short in life. The world should salute these twins for their exemplary courage and determination." Shodhan, UAE

"As I grew up, I always followed reports about them in papers. Today, there was the last news. But they taught me how to face death only because life is great, and experiencing it the way you choose is priceless. Laleh and Ladan rest in peace, you were great teachers." Nazy Good, Iran

"Being a twin myself and 29 years old as well, if my brother passed away suddenly, I would definitely find it hard to live. Either way, Ladan and Laleh are in a much better place now and I pray for them both." Jeff Harmon, U.S.

My heart and prayers go out the family and medical staff of these two pioneers. Your deaths will not be in vain, you have left so much to advance medical technology." Peg Knight, U.S.

"I had followed their story over the past few weeks, and admired their intelligence, charm and courage, as I do also the doctors." El-Branden Brazil, Japan

"We convey our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and the country at large it is very sad and painful indeed sorry to the beloved ladies." Mmapula Swele, Botswana

A friend of the twins kisses them before their operation.

"Your courage and bravery brought tears to my eyes. My wife and I will never forget you. Our deepest condolences to their family and may God bless them both." Hossein Nahavandchi, Iran

"Deeply saddened to hear about Bijani twins' death. The world will miss these two brave girls." Jeevan, India

"Your bravery and wonderful demeanor were an inspiration to the world. Our hearts are broken. May you rest in peace. We are also praying for the team of doctors who so bravely tried to save you." Lissette Asensio, U.S.

"As an Iranian physician I would like to express my hearty respects to the medical team and treasure their breathtaking devotion to science and humanity. God Bless Ladan and Laleh." Shayesteh Khalili, Iran

"Because they were so hopeful, we all became hopeful. Their lives crossed all cultures and religions as they bravely began their journey of separation, how sad we are to think they were so close to their dream." Landis Haugen, Tokyo

"My warmest condolences to the family of those courageous girls. I salute the medical team which had tried to help the sisters attain their dream." Leora Gesthalter, Israel

"Your desire to lead separate lives inspite of the inherent dangers have shown the rest of the world the true meaning of courage. Your deaths are not in vain. Neurosurgeons will now be even more inspired to progress in this area of medical science to help other twins in similar situations in the future." Krystynn, Singapore

"Today the glorious chapter in history has been created -- the courage shown by twin sisters is historic itself." Yunis, Saudi Arabia

"My deepest condolences to the Bijani family and to the team of doctors, who worked tirelessly for almost three days to save two great spirits." Farooq Malik, Canada

"We will miss you. My condolences to their entire family and to the Iranian community. May their soul rest in peace." Mariama Kolley, Gambia

"In a time of war and killing throughout the world, Ladan and Laleh's plight has touched our innermost soul. One that speaks of hope, love, courage, and peace for us all." Shuja Jashanmal, Dubai

"It is a terrible tragedy that the twins died, but let not their death be in vain, instead the experiece gained by the medical team should be developed and used for the great good of science and the future separation of conjoined twins." Tina Edward Gunawardhana, UK

"The twins really touched our hearts. We will never forget their incredible display of courage, bravery and human spirit." Cheryl Tan, Singapore

"We join the family of Bijani and all sympathizers in mourning Ladan and Laleh." Marion A. Nkwera, Tanzania

start quoteYour great determination to overcome adversity and the cheerful demeanour going about it, will always leave an fond memories amongst Singaporeans.end quote
-- Hsin Wei, Singapore

"Two great women who were aware and willing to risk the dangers and complications of going ahead with this operation with the knowledge that may never be the same again. At least they are not suffering now. May God bless them both." Matt Emad, UK

"The twins really touched our hearts. There were very brave." Anwar Muabak, Sultanate Of Oman

"May God take their souls and give them peace. I admire the Physicans, Nurses and other hospital staff in Singapore who worked so hard to help Ladan and Laleh." Percy Lazarous, U.S.

"Laleh and Ladan you wanted to get separated and thereby brought the world together. Thank you for showing us that we all are resemblant." Darius Shahbazi, Germany

"God bless you both and your families in their time of grieving. I respect you for having the courage to undergo the very dangerous operation. Living the way you did shows me that you are truly two special ladies." David Scholton, Italy

"Many tears will fall, many tributes will come. My husband and I will remember these two brave and unique women. Bless them, and bless their family." J. Moore, U.S.

"I am full of sadness, but I salute you for your bravery and the decision you made." Steve Tan, Malaysia

"How brave these women were to know the risks and still aspire! How brave the hospital doctors and staff were to take on this difficult task!" McNeill-Lyles, U.S.

"Your bravery has touched the hearts of many people in the world. But you have contributed a lot to the medical science and you will always be remembered." Terry Choy, Singapore

start quoteYour show of courage despite all the odds is for us all to follow. My deepest condolences to the two bravest ladies I've ever come upon in my life and their families.end quote
-- Jimmy Chng, Brunei Darussalam

"Ladan and Laleh Jaan, You were both so brave. Not only your countrymen but the world will miss you, rest in peace." Alex Golzari, Iran

"Well done for the braveness and commitment they both showed. We all are sorry to hear of their passing, and hope the doctors have learnt much from this procedure." Michael Olivero, Australia

"A lesson of courage and keeping up the faith no matter what the odds are." Jaswinder Kaur, Singapore

"Our deepest condolences to them. A pair that fought so hard to lead their own life. May they do that in the eternal heaven." Cat Ler, Singapore

"My condolences go out to all the doctors who tried to give Laleh and Ladan their ultimate dream and to their family. The world will miss their spirits." Ciska, The Netherlands

"It fills me with great sadness to hear of the passing of these two brave women." Patrick Timmins, Ireland

"With eyes full of tears & heart full of sadness we will never forget you." Ayman ElShamy, Egypt

"Your courage in life will be a light for all the people in the world who suffer. May you rest in peace." Alexandros Lioumbis, Greece

"We salute you for your courage and the decisions you made and we salute the brave doctors who were with you until the end." Alvin Tagle, Hong Kong

"It was heart-breaking news for the entire world. Laleh and Ladan were brave and faithful sisters with smile on their face even when they walked to surgery room. My condolences to their family and friends as well as the medical team, who worked so hard to separate them." Azeen Talebi, Canada

"This event has affected everyone of all cultures. May this event show us the value of life. Thoughts and prayers around the world go out to the family and friends of these courageous women. This is a moment in history not to be forgotten." Andrea Sarrach, U.S.

"Your great determination to overcome adversity and the cheerful demeanor going about it, will always leave an fond memories amongst Singaporean's." Hsin Wei, Singapore

"My condolences to the Bijani family and the team of doctors who tried to bring these brave sisters dream to reality." Majid, Canada

"Operation Hope brought together a weary world, if only for a brief moment, to admire the courage of the Bijani sisters and the selflessness of the medical team that supported them." Aisha Cherukuri, U.S.

"They went for the operation knowing the risks and dangers, hoping for a new lease of life as two separate individuals." Ng Chong Hern Bennedic, Singapore

"Your show of courage despite all the odds is for us all to follow. My deepest condolences to the two bravest ladies I've ever come upon in my life and their families." Jimmy Chng, Brunei Darussalam

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