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Blaine: I choose to not be bored

Blaine waves to the crowds five days into his London stunt
Blaine waves to the crowds five days into his London stunt

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Punters place bets on whether Blaine will complete his stunt. 

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David Blaine

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Illusionist David Blaine, who has been suspended in a glass box in London since September 5, spoke to CNN's Robyn Curnow Monday via audio link from his box on the banks of the River Thames. The following is a transcript of their conversation.

Q. Has this been the most difficult stunt?

A. This has been so much more difficult that anything else I have ever done on such a whole other level. And I don't think I can do anything like this again.

Q. So it's not an illusion?

A. No, I am really here and I am really doing what I said I was going to do.

Q. How are you doing it?

A. It's been pretty tough

Q. Has it? What's been the worst bit?

A. It's been really cold, and when you are starving your body only produces one-third of its heat. It's been 40 degrees some nights. It's really hard to sit, you know, my pad is this thin (hand motion), so when you sit and lay down you can feel it on your back. And, all of my muscles are really weak. My mouth tastes like sulfur. But there has been a lot of amazing support. And it's been beautiful as well.

Q. How are the Americans different from the British?

A. I don't differentiate between any group of people ever.

Q. But in terms of the reaction to you?

A. I don't see a difference.

Q. Has there been no difference in the reaction to you?

A. I have just been looking at all of the different races, religions and age groups and that's been the most amazing part. I think magic is universal in the sense that it doesn't differentiate between individuals.

Q. What about all the eggs being thrown and the golf balls and the food and that sort of stuff?

A. That was in the beginning and it was a little scary. But it's to be expected.

Q. Has that happened to you in America?

A. I have never decided to do anything for this length of time. Here basically I am a human being on display to all kinds at all times.

Q. You've got six more days left. Do you think people are still interested, are you going to finish this?

A. I don't know, I am just climbing a mountain and trying to get to the top.

Q. Are you going to make it to the top?

A. God willing, I sure will.

Q. What is the most amazing thing about being up there?

A. The faces, the moon, the sun, the rainbows the clouds, everything.

Q. And you have lost a bit of weight as well?

A. I expect probably about 35 pounds.

Q. What can we expect on Sunday when you come down?

A. I have no idea but I know this last little piece is the hardest. It's already been bad, my vision's really blurry, my head is always throbbing, I black out a lot, I'm just trying to conserve and make it to the end.

Q. And all these people, are you communicating with a lot of people?

A. I love it that people have been writing messages and making signs, that really helps me, it's lovely.

Q. Do you miss you girlfriend?

A. I miss everybody.

Q. Are you bored?

A. I believe that boredom is a choice that we have.

Q. So are you choosing to be bored?

A. No, I am choosing to learn.

Q. Explain that again, why aren't you bored?

A. Boredom is a state of mind. We have a choice. I choose to not be bored. I chose to observe and listen.

Q. What have you learned?

A. I have learned a lot. A lot.

Q. Anything else you want to say? Have any funny things happened?

A. This has been the craziest experience I have ever lived, in every way. And it's been amazing.

Q. What's been crazy?

A. It's unlimited. You can ask some of these guys.

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