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Travel talk: have your say

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Travel always provides a wealth of experiences. Have you ever had an interesting, crazy, amazing or bizarre incident whilst overseas on business? We want to hear about what you've been upto. Have your say with CNN.

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I work for a major U.S. carrier in the UK and let me tell you that more airlines are cutting direct routes and redirecting flights to hubs. Passengers are no longer willing to pay premium fares for direct flights so airlines must make routes profitable by feeding flights through hubs. Ignacio Ferruelo, London, UK

You should avoid local ice creams, which may be non-pasteurized. Stick to imported Cornettos. Ruth, Cambridge England

I always carry a Linksys router with me just in case. Even though it is extra hardware to lug around, I have mine just in case one of my co-workers and I need to work on a file. It keeps me protected and it is about the same cost as a standard switch. Matt, San Marcos, California

One of the worst experiences I have had involving security was with a hotel in Washington D.C. who had a network maintained by a certain company. They put an entire million dollar conference on the same network as many of their own computers and guest rooms. Virus problems were rampant. They said they had all the hotels for this chain using connections from one central location. They allocated bandwidth to each hotel as needed. It was cheaper for the hotel, but more inconvenient and unsafe for the customer. Kevin P, New York

I am glad to hear that India is going to allow private companies to fly to other countries. From personal experience, monopoly does not promote good service just fly with Air India or Indian Airlines. Maybe now, we will get the good service that we deserve. Madhu Patel, Roselle, Illinois

Stansted is difficult to get to. I would use Air Polonia if it had flights to Heathrow, Southampton or Bournemouth. Grazyna Back, Bournemouth, UK

Depending on the particular hub, hub travel is a hassle. Some hubs still are checking ID as you board after all of the other security, which adds time and makes flying more of a hassle. And airline cutbacks in service over the last couple of years have made it even worse when you finally do get on the airplane. Jeff Hacker, Dallas, Texas

I predict that much of the travel risk will go away and things would calm down if and when President George W. Bush is replaced by a more moderate president. Sailen Barik, Mobile, Alabama

People here often ask me if I am afraid of traveling to international destinations. My answer is "Not until I get back to Atlanta and have to drive home on the I285 perimeter around the city!" Judy Puckett, Atlanta, Georgia

Am I worried about my travel safety? That is putting it mildly. Since I watched firsthand the first jet crash into the World Trade Center, I have not set foot on a plane. And I am a former world traveler. Before 9/11 I had traveled around the world. My then five-year-old daughter had been to more countries than she even knew the names of. And on September 9th 2001 we were on our way back from Hawaii in time for the start of kindergarten. We arrived home in New York 31 hours before the first plane struck the towers. Amanda Uhry, New York

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