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Diana seance edited for British TV

Diana, Princess of Wales
Diana was having fun in the afterlife, mediums claimed.

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LONDON, England (CNN) -- Lurid scenes of psychics trying to get in touch with the late Diana, Princess of Wales, have been cut from a U.S. television programme being shown on British television Monday.

Scenes of mediums sitting around a table allegedly speaking to the princess about her happiness in the afterlife and her plans for marriage have been edited out of the programme called "Spirit of Diana," broadcast on cable LivingTV.

The British psychics Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker say among the messages from Diana included one claiming she was "having fun" in the afterlife and spending time with Mother Teresa. She had intended to marry Dodi Fayed, they said.

The seance scenes, shot in London, have been cut in line with good taste guidelines set down by the Independent Television Commission (ITC).

But a scene where the mediums are trying to pick up signals while driving through the tunnel in Paris where the princess died with then companion Fayed in 1997 will remain in the programme.

The cut scenes will be referred to in documentary-style.

"The cuts are more to do with the visual scenes," a spokesman for LivingTV's public relations company told CNN.

"The (UK) programme is a debate into the exploration of the (U.S.) programme and psychics in its widest sense.

"We were not going to take the U.S. programme lock, stock and barrel because it is contentious."

ITC guidelines, which cover all British television except the British Broadcasting Corporation, says: "Occult practices, such as those involving supposed contact with spirits or the dead, are not acceptable in factual programming, except in the context of a legitimate investigation."

The ITC has not seen the programme, and will only investigate if there is a complaint or if the show is deemed to be in breach of the guidelines.

Diana is allegedly reported to have told the mediums that she had intended to marry Fayed, but that she still cares for her former husband, the Prince of Wales.

The programme first appeared on U.S. pay-per view television Sunday.

One American critic was quoted as saying the seance was an "exploitation at its very worst."

He accused the "ghouls" behind the programme of being interested only in profit and entertainment.

Parts of it were filmed at the Livery Hall of the Stationers Guild, near London's St Paul's Cathedral.

Diana was working with children while watching over her own sons from the "other side." She was also keeping up-to-date with current affairs and was against a possible war in Iraq.

The princess allegedly denied she was carrying Dodi's child and was not bitter about the fatal crash. She liked the queen, who came in for criticism at the time of her daughter-in-law's death.

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