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UK terror raid murder: Man charged

Stephen Oake
Detective Constable Stephen Oake was killed in Tuesday's raid.

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MANCHESTER, London -- A man of north African origin has been charged with the murder of a police officer during a counterterrorism raid in northern England on Tuesday night.

The 27-year-old man was also charged with four counts of attempted murder of four other officers who were injured at the same time, police told the Press Association.

Detective Constable Stephen Oake was killed in the raid by police searching for the deadly poison ricin in a Manchester apartment building. Police arrested three men in that raid, including the man suspected of stabbing Oake.

Earlier on Thursday an Algerian man wanted on terrorism charges was also arrested in Manchester. The 32-year-old man turned himself in to police in the northern English city late on Wednesday night and was arrested under the UK Terrorism Act 2000, police said.

Police said the arrest was not directly linked to the discovery of ricin in north London last week, but that it was in connection with the UK's ongoing investigation into international terrorism, according to CNN's Matthew Chance.

The arrested man gave himself up at a police station, and he will be passed into custody of anti-terror police in London. The man had been actively sought by intelligence-gathering Special Branch officers, Manchester police said.

Police have launched an inquiry into the botched raid and are looking at whether Special Branch officers should wear body armour during such operations.

Oake, 40, was not wearing protective gear, none of the police on the raid were armed, and the man suspected of killing the detective was not handcuffed at any time during the raid.

The arrests this week are part of a string of British anti-terror swoops in recent months. More than 200 people have been arrested in Britain under anti-terror legislation since September 11, 2001, with several dozen currently awaiting trial. Most are North Africans, with the majority of those coming from Algeria.

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