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Police: Abandoned boy in good condition

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Carol Sisco and Detective Dwayne Baird
Carol Sisco and Detective Dwayne Baird

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Police are trying to identify a boy who was abandoned in a Salt Lake City, Utah, store. Surveillance video shows the boy entering the store with an adult. (January 29)
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To report information regarding the abandoned boy, call (801) 799-3000

(CNN) -- Police in Salt Lake City, Utah, say they have few clues as they search for the family of an abandoned 3-year-old boy. The child, who says his name is Jacob, was left Saturday in the toy section of a department store.

Surveillance videotape shows a man entering the store with Jacob, grabbing a shopping cart, putting a toy in that cart and abandoning him. Minutes later, that same man was seen walking out alone.

Salt Lake City police Detective Dwayne Baird and Carol Sisco from the Utah Department of Human Services talked Wednesday to CNN's Paula Zahn.

ZAHN: Detective Baird, do you have any idea who that man was that dropped off Jacob?

BAIRD: We don't. Jacob says he's a friend of his mother's, and that's all that we know right now.

ZAHN: Ms. Sisco, what else can you tell us about what you've learned from little Jacob?

SISCO: Well, we've learned that he has a grandpa named Pedro, that he lives at home with mommy, that her name is either Janet or Janette, that he says he has four sisters, but they don't live with him anymore.

ZAHN: Did he have any idea where he lived?

SISCO: No. He just says he lives at home with mommy. You know, he's only 3 years old.

ZAHN: Did he know if he had traveled a distance to get to that toy store? Does he have any sense of where he ended up?

SISCO: He didn't. He said something to one, to his foster mom about that he and mommy were going to be moving, but I don't know if he meant in the future or now or what.

ZAHN: And Ms. Sisco, what kind of physical condition is he in? Are there any signs of having been abused?

SISCO: No, no obvious signs of abuse. He looks well-nourished and healthy. He had a good haircut. He was dressed well. He had on a nice little long-sleeved, striped T-shirt and jeans, and he looks great.

ZAHN: It would strike me, Detective Baird, given what Ms. Sisco just had to say, that has to make your investigation all the more difficult.

BAIRD: It is in the sense that we really don't know who this boy is or where he's come from. But he's in remarkably good condition. He's well cared for, as Carol has said. And he's a smart little boy. We think that he just doesn't have the information as to his address, his family's last name -- those kinds of things.

ZAHN: I can't think of anything more horrifying than being abandoned in a store with a bunch of strangers.

Ms. Sisco, does he seem to have been traumatized by what happened to him?

SISCO: I mean obviously he's been a little bit scared. But he has an ability to really relax with people. We have him in a great foster home, and the mom has a little adopted boy who's 3 years old. And so Jacob's been playing with him. Something he's really hanging onto -- he was wearing a gold chain when we found him, and it has a little basketball charm on it , and it also has a gold cross. And he says, "Mommy gave this to me." So he doesn't want to take it off.

ZAHN: Oh, I don't blame him.

Detective Baird, what do you need to know?

BAIRD: We need to know who his family is, where he lives, where he's from -- any information that they can give us. We're hoping that the public can help us here.

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