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Lynch family 'not supposed to talk about' daughter's ordeal

Jessica Lynch's sister, Brandi, stands between parents, Deadra and Greg, on Thursday.
Jessica Lynch's sister, Brandi, stands between parents, Deadra and Greg, on Thursday.

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The family of former POW Jessica Lynch is remodeling their home to accommodate her rehabilitation. CNN's Bob Franken reports (May 29)
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PALESTINE, West Virginia (CNN) -- The parents of former POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch said Thursday they were "really not supposed to talk about" the details of their daughter's capture in Iraq and her rescue by American commandos, and would not comment on media reports that indicated the rescue may have been unnecessarily dramatic.

Instead, said the private's father, Greg Lynch, the family is focused on her recovery.

"Right now we are really not supposed to talk about that subject, you know," Lynch said at a news conference at the family home in West Virginia. "It is still an ongoing investigation, and we can't talk about nothing like that."

Later Lynch told reporters: "Nobody has told us not to talk about it. Our main concern is to get Jessie back on her feet in good health right now."

The former POW is being treated at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.

When asked about his daughter's memory, Greg Lynch said it "is as good as it was when she was home. She can still remember everything." But, he said, the family has not pressed her for details.

Jessica Lynch was rescued in a nighttime raid by U.S. Special Forces on April 1, and the Pentagon released videotape of the operation.

But the British Broadcasting Corp. and The Associated Press spoke with staff members at the Nasiriyah hospital where Lynch was being treated who said there was no Iraqi military presence at the hospital, no resistance and no need to come in with guns blazing.

The Pentagon bristled at such a suggestion, saying U.S. military forces would not undertake such a risky mission unnecessarily.

The Lynch family, however, was unconcerned.

"We're not focusing on the reports," said the former POW's mother, Deadra Lynch. "We're just focusing on Jessie."

-- CNN Correspondent Bob Franken contributed to this report.

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