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Carroll: Shoppers enjoy the hunt

CNN Correspondent Jason Carroll
CNN Correspondent Jason Carroll

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CNN's Jason Carroll talks with early shoppers at New York's Macy's department store.
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On the Scene
Jason Carroll
Holiday Shopping

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The post-Thanksgiving shopping tradition began before dawn Friday in many cities across the country. Diehard shoppers awakened early to take advantage of deep discounts.

CNN Correspondent Jason Carroll talked to many shoppers coming to Macy's in New York and spoke with CNN anchor Catherine Callaway about the shopping scene.

CALLAWAY: Jason, any good deals out there?

CARROLL: I am sure there are lots of good deals for anyone who would want to get up this early in the morning to head out there in search of them. If you want to look for them, they are here.

And in fact, this morning here at Macy's, the doors opened at 6 a.m. But already, people were lined up even an hour before that trying to get inside. The Same thing happened at places like Sears and JCPenny's, Toys R Us. It's happening all over the country, these early bird specials.

This is the day that some call Black Friday. Others are simply calling it Bargain Friday. It is the day that millions of people go through this ritual of getting up early in the morning to head out and find the bargains.

This morning, I spoke to two people -- Christina and Grace -- from Hoboken, New Jersey. And I asked them, "What is the theory behind all of this to have to get up so early to find these bargains? You are going to find bargains throughout the holiday season."

And they said "Look, it's about getting a jump on the rest." So that's really what it's all about for these people who have this obsession with coming out this early in the morning to get their bargains.

The National Retail Federation projects that holiday sales are going to be up by 5.7 percent. But then you have other experts who say, "Look, you are not going to find the kind of bargains that you have seen in years past." But I think when it comes to some of the folks that I talked to, it's all about the whole process.

And it's not just about finding bargains, it's about getting up early, and it's about the hunt as well. I think that's sort of the philosophy behind getting up this early to head out to some of these stores and find the bargains on Bargain Friday -- Catherine.

CALLAWAY: You know it is a game. That's what it is. You want to go out there and hunt for a bargain, right?

CARROLL: I think so. It's about the hunt. It's about, you know, getting up and getting out the papers and clipping the coupons and trying to take place in these early bird specials. And it's really about that hunt, coming out here and seeing what the next person is getting and getting ahead of the crowds.

CALLAWAY: All right. Thank you, Jason, have fun out there.

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