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Kelly Simone: 'They think we're heroes'

Kelly (left) and Jeanine Simone
Kelly (left) and Jeanine Simone

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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A 25-year-old man who had repeatedly exposed himself outside St. Maria Goretti School in Philadelphia got his comeuppance when a crowd of angry Catholic girls chased him down, and got their revenge. CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper spoke with two of the students.

COOPER: All right. It being Halloween, when we heard this story, a movie title flashed into our heads: "Attack of the Angry Catholic School Girls." Yesterday, a posse of Catholic high school girls in South Philly chased down, tackled and punched a man described by police as a sexual predator. He apparently flashed the girls one too many times. We should point out their principal does not condone what they did.

We're joined now by two of the students, Kelly and Jeanine Simone. Kelly, how many times before this incident had this guy been around the school flashing himself?

KELLY: About five, six times.

COOPER: And Jeanine, what finally made you all decide to run after him?

JEANINE: Well, when we went to the corner and Bobby said that he caught the guy everybody was there and everybody they -- everybody just crowded around him and attacked him.

COOPER: Kelly, did you think much about this in advance? I mean, you know, the principal says this was not a smart thing to do. He said it was going too far. Do you regret it at all?


COOPER: What did police say when they first came on the scene, Kelly?

KELLY: They were proud of us because they were all girl cops.

COOPER: It was all female police officers and they said they were proud of you?


COOPER: How badly did this guy get injured? I mean, I guess there were quite a lot of you from this girl's school. What did you do to him?

KELLY: Well, we stormed him. Punched him. And then some guy came up. And then he started running and we all caught him and from what I hear, his tooth fell out.

COOPER: He is in custody. He's going to be charged apparently with a number of charges. Any regrets, Jeanine.

JEANINE: No, no regrets.

COOPER: What does everyone else in the school say? I know the principal has come out and said this was too far, you shouldn't have done what you did today. Do you get that from the teachers and your fellow students?

KELLY: No. They think we're heroes for doing it.

COOPER: And your parents? Kelly, what do they think?

KELLY: Oh, they're real proud of us.

COOPER: Jeanine, same?

JEANINE: Yes. They're real proud.

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