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Cameras installed along I-270

Four new security cameras placed Monday along a stretch of I-270 in Columbus, Ohio.
Four new security cameras placed Monday along a stretch of I-270 in Columbus, Ohio.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (CNN) -- Columbus authorities Monday installed TV cameras along Interstate 270 where 14 shootings have occurred, and officials analyzed information gathered from a weekend canvas of nearby neighborhoods.

A spokesman for the Ohio Department of Transportation said the cameras were installed at the request of the task force investigating the shootings, one of which killed Gail Knisely, 62, as she rode in a car on I-270 November 25.

Authorities theorize that the shooter or shooters are familiar with the village of Obetz, population 4,000, which lies just inside the interstate on Columbus' south side, and that they may live, work or drive through that area.

Many of the 14 incidents under investigation occurred near the village.

About 40 investigators combed a neighborhood near Hamilton Township Central Elementary School in Obetz Saturday, focusing on Hamilton Meadows, south of a school that was hit by a bullet early November 11.

Information collected gave investigators general clues, according to Chief Deputy Steve Martin with the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

Martin said the shooter could be someone who lives alone -- or if not alone, is able to come and go at all hours -- and can travel in the area of the shootings without drawing attention, which indicates the shooter could be someone neighborhood residents have seen.

"They fit in the area or are someone you would typically see or expect," he said.

Martin said the shooter may also have demonstrated previous incidents of carelessness with a firearm in view of others or may have talked about a desire to shoot at vehicles or individuals prior to when the incidents began.

The shooter may be a marksman able to shoot accurately while moving in a vehicle, he added.

Authorities have not yet uncovered enough information to create a more detailed profile of the shooter, Martin said.

He said investigators are still analyzing data collected from the closing of a more than 20-miles stretch of I-270 over the weekend. During that time, equipment was used to measure the possible trajectory of the shots.

"When they give us their report, we will be able to determine the evidentiary value of that," Martin said.

About 1,300 tips have been called into the tip line. Officials are offering a reward of $20,000 for information about the shootings.

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