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Hundreds join missing student hunt

Police and volunteers comb the ground for evidence along a county road west of Fisher, Minnesota, in the search for Dru Sjodin.
Police and volunteers comb the ground for evidence along a county road west of Fisher, Minnesota, in the search for Dru Sjodin.

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Anyone with information about Dru Sjodin's disappearance should call 701-780-8213. 
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Dru Sjodin has been missing since a phone call to her boyfriend went dead.
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(CNN) -- More than 1,300 volunteers Tuesday searched a rural area near Grand Forks, North Dakota, for a 22-year-old college student missing three days who investigators believe was abducted as she left a mall where she worked.

The disappearance of Dru Sjodin has shocked Grand Forks, a community known for its low crime rate.

A student at the University of North Dakota, Sjodin vanished Saturday as she left the mall where she worked at Victoria's Secret. Her car never left the parking lot.

Friends contacted police after she failed to show up at a second job that night -- and after an alarming phone call with her boyfriend that was cut short.

In the call, friends said, her last words were "no, no, no, OK, OK, OK."

Authorities concentrated the search around a rest area seven miles from the mall where police traced a second call from Sjodin's cell phone to her boyfriend.

This time no words were exchanged, but authorities were able to trace the call to within three to four miles of a cell phone tower.

Sgt. Mike Hedlund of the Grand Forks Police Department said the second call came about three hours after the first call.

He said the way in which the first call ended "along with the other evidence and information that we have been able to develop certainly leads us to believe that she was abducted at that time."

He did not elaborate.

About 25-30 investigators from local, state and federal agencies were taking part in the investigation. Authorities from Minnesota were assisting.

Dru Sjodin went missing late Saturday, after leaving work.
Dru Sjodin went missing late Saturday, after leaving work.

Police also were investigating calls to Sjodin at the Victoria's Secret store. Hedlund said the calls were made several weeks ago by a person with a foreign accent, but Sjodin was not there when he called.

"There's been several guys, I guess, that have been interested in her, more than she was interested in them," said Sven Sjodin, her brother.

Extra buses were called in Tuesday as the volunteers lined up to search through a light snow for clues to the missing student.

"It's just hard to know that this could happen to her," said friend Darla Henderson. "She's just such a really sweet and nice person. And we just hope that we find her. We pray that we find her."

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