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Brian Cabell: Bryant remains in limbo

CNN's Brian Cabell
CNN's Brian Cabell

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EAGLE, Colorado (CNN) -- A Colorado prosecutor said it will be Tuesday at the earliest before there is an announcement of whether any charges will be brought against Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant.

A 19-year-old woman has accused Bryant of sexual misconduct, according to authorities. Bryant's attorney has said his client is innocent.

Reporting from Eagle, Colorado, CNN Correspondent Brian Cabell discussed the situation Friday with anchor Soledad O'Brien.

CABELL: Kobe Bryant will remain in legal limbo for at least a few more days. [District Attorney Mark Hurlbert] had been hoping to have an announcement as to whether to file charges [Friday]. Instead he says [it will be] Tuesday at the earliest, perhaps even later. He wants to take a look at more evidence. He wants to wait for analysis of more evidence.

That physical evidence is in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in Denver right now -- such things as saliva, blood and hair. We're told normally in sexual assault cases it takes six to seven weeks. They're trying to expedite this case, perhaps two weeks. But still, that will take some time.

Kobe Bryant, we presume, is still in Southern California, away from all of this with his wife of two years, and his daughter, who is about 6 months old, trying to stay away as much as possible from this media circus. But if it's bad now, you can imagine what it might be like if a trial actually does occur. ...

And [Eagle County Sheriff Joseph Hoy] isn't being treated all that well either. He's received a number of e-mails, he says, over the last week, a number of e-mails that he would characterize as hateful. People that like Kobe Bryant a lot are not especially happy with his accuser.

As for the alleged victim, she's a 19-year-old college student who was a concierge at this resort where the [alleged] incident occurred. She apparently left town for a few days. She's back in town. We tried to call the family home a couple of days ago. We were told by her father that he had nothing to say, that we should call the district attorney, which is what we are doing.

The DA, of course, is saying very little about this as well because [the matter] is sealed.

We've been told that if there is a trial held, it likely won't be held for another six to nine months. That would occur just about the middle of the NBA season, toward the playoffs.

O'BRIEN: Since prosecutors are talking about this new deadline, is that some kind of indication then that we can expect that official charges will be filed?

CABELL: No. I don't think we can read anything at all into this. They simply want to have, I think, all their ducks in a row. They need to get all the physical evidence back. They want to have it all analyzed. Some people think they acted a little precipitously last week, and so now they want to make sure they have everything in line. And then they will come out with their announcement. But I don't think we can read a thing into this.

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