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Pro-U.S., antiwar demonstrators march

Demonstrators waved flags and carried pro-Bush signs in Times Square Sunday.
Demonstrators waved flags and carried pro-Bush signs in Times Square Sunday.

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NEW YORK (CNN) -- From marchers chanting "God bless America" in New York to protesters burning the American flag and waving pictures of Saddam Hussein in Pakistan, demonstrators on both sides of the war in Iraq took to the streets Sunday in cities around the world.

In Washington, about 200 American military veterans marched in opposition to the war. They laid wreaths at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and other monuments and attempted to deliver a petition signed by more than 2,600 veterans to the White House.

The antiwar veterans were turned away by White House guards and told they would have to mail the petition.

In New York, about 1,000 people gathered at the southern end of Times Square to show support for U.S. troops.

The flag-waving, sign-carrying group sang "God Bless America" and shouted "U-S-A. U-S-A."

Demonstrators exchange verbal volleys

Some shouting matches were reported between those pro-troops marchers and antiwar demonstrators.

"Our troops need to see that we care about them," said one woman wearing an American flag vest. "We love them. They're trying to protect us."

Asked about the antiwar protests, she said, "Shame on them."

Also in New York, antiwar protesters unfurled a banner reading "SHAME" from a catwalk on the side of the retired aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, now stationed in a midtown Manhattan port as a military museum.

The banner hung for about five minutes, while the protest group performed political skits on the Hudson River boardwalk below, then it was taken down by an official on the Intrepid.

Earlier in the day, a prayer service in support of the U.S. troops in Iraq was held at the Intrepid. Former U.S. Intrepid crew members, war veterans and some family members of the troops now fighting in Iraq were present.

Sunday's events in New York were subdued compared with an antiwar march a day earlier that drew an estimated 125,000 people to Manhattan.

70,000 rally in Lahore

One of the largest events Sunday was in Lahore, Pakistan, where some 70,000 people rallied against the United States and Britain. The demonstration was the first major antiwar demonstration in Pakistan since the Iraq war began.

Demonstrators chanted anti-U.S. slogans, carried placards supporting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, burned an American flag and burned effigies of U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Observers said leaders of extremist religious parties were among those taking part in the demonstration.

Other demonstrations took place in Australia, Rome and London.

In Los Angeles, a candlelight vigil was planned for Sunday evening outside the site of the Academy Awards show.

-- CNN producers Kate Farrell in Washington and Syed Mohsin Naqvi in Lahore contributed to this report

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