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Now, a Web site to get back at irritating celebrities

Martha Stewart tops Web voters' 'most annoying' list

By Jeordan Legon
CNN lists Martha Stewart as the most annoying personality. lists Martha Stewart as the most annoying personality.

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(CNN) -- With Hollywood's awards season on its way, voters on are ahead of the pack in choosing their A-list of irritating personalities.

The kitschy site's 1.4 million visitors chose embattled domestic goddess and businesswoman Martha Stewart as their No. 1 most annoying person of 2002. Among the principal reasons listed for the honor: "She can do anything better than you."

Other top dubious-award winners are television psychic John Edward, radio shrink Laura Schlessinger and British cooking show host Ainsley Harriot. The AmIAnnoying site itself even makes the list at number 15.

"We're doing this to entertain people and entertain ourselves," said Keith Furman, an Internet developer who launched the site with two friends in November, 2000. "There's a love-hate relationship with celebrities. We've given them a way to see what others think of their favorite celebrity."

Millions of votes and counting

Furman, who persuaded the company for which he works to host the site for free, said 47 million votes were cast in 2002 and so far, visitors have created more than 6,700 celebrity "resumes" on which to pass judgment.

Take, for example, Yoko Ono's entry. Singing legend John Lennon's widow is annoying, according to the site, because: "She was instrumental in the breakup of the Beatles."

She took the No. 11 spot on the 2002 annoying list, right below Dell pitchman Ben Curtis, whose "Dude, you're getting a Dell" line has apparently started to grate on site visitors' nerves.

The celebrities voted least-annoying tended to be young, curvaceous and female. Teen actress and model Mischa Barton, from the soap opera "All My Children," led the least-annoying list.

Also getting low-annoyance nods, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Sarah Michelle Gellar (No. 7) and "Charmed" star Holly Marie Combs. And film star Winona Ryder, recently convicted of shoplifting, got a partial vindication from site visitors who voted her the 20th least annoying person of the year.

No science involved

Furman concedes the voting is not scientific, and cheaters bent on stacking the deck against a particular celebrity could vote incessantly until their annoyance quotient goes through the roof. But, he said, "the idea isn't to be scientific. It's to be fun."

And what's in it for him? He's thrilled with the mentions the site has gotten on Howard Stern's bawdy radio show. And then there's the fan letters Furman said he's received from a couple of minor celebrities -- particularly the one from porn star Jenna Jameson.

"She loved the site," he said. "We wouldn't mind meeting her."

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