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'The Hulk' takes on the computer world

By Josh Zelman
CNN Headline News

"The Hulk"

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(CNN) -- Video games based on hit movies are not always hits themselves.

Those aren't my thoughts, but those of John Davison, editor in chief of Official US PlayStation Magazine. So how does Vivendi Universal Games' "The Hulk" stack up? According to Davison it is, "a very good game."

The Hulk's activities in the video game pick up a year after the movie ends. David Banner is wrestling to control his alter green ego -- a task that takes him inside the legendary Alcatraz and back out -- while tracking down the bad guys.

In terms of game play, Davison compared "The Hulk" to "War of the Monsters." Saying there's "nothing too deep" in either, and pretty much anything on-screen can be smashed, tossed and destroyed.

In addition to "The Hulk's" simplicity and smash-'em up style, Davison is a fan of the game's look. He told me the comic book style of the game doesn't make the characters appear too real.

However, where it does err he said, is in its stealth mode. He told me in some cases, "If you are trying to hide, the game will recognize you anyhow." For instance a player can be wearing a mask at a distance from a guard, but the game will call you out, which he said is, "sort of jarring because it doesn't make sense."

Negatives aside, Davison told me the controls are easy to learn, the game play isn't too tough, and overall he gives it a thumb-up, saying, "You can pick it up and have a blast."

If you'd like to try for yourself, the game is available for PC's and all the major gaming consoles.

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